Outstanding physical sitting.

This is just a quick description of our aims and what the circle is.  The Northdown physical and trance circle is a spiritual group who meet for circles and sessions of roughly two hours.  During this period a circle is started and closed properly, requirements of a physical circle are met including the objects which are needed, the locked and closed room and the darkness with exception of a red light. 

Circle dated 8th June 2011; we started the circle in partial darkness and with use of a red light.  There was a moment at the beginning where practically all the members dropped down into trance.  The two remaining sitters who were left observed a green light which seemed to hover and illuminate the members of circle who had left to trance.  There were knocks and taps starting from about five minutes into the evening. 

One of the trance members started to speak and it was a guide who spoke about Sai Baba, a recent spiritual person who had passed, it was with great emotion and explanation that the spirit began to explain that Sai Baba had not actually moved to join with them but that he had had a huge number of followers who had been waiting for him and preparing to help him.  Sai Baba has not joined the spirit world nor is he on earth but has found a separate stage whereby he is in preparation to help again.

A number of voice phenomena took place throughout the circle.  There were two main spirits and voices of a little girl and a man named Jonathan.   The small voice of the child Mickey announced himself as the helper of Leslie Flint and it was at this point that things took off.

The circle was exceptional in its cold temperature.  The voice of the cheeky, cockney accented little boy came as a direct voice (the voice seemed totally separate to the trance medium).  The little boy was happy and chatty, he gave messages to the circle member’s and after names and information – including description came through to every member of the circle.

By this point darkness was deeper around the whole circle and members were experiencing fluctuation cold and hot.  Taps were heard and cracking along the walls.  One circle member had the chair rocked and orbs were seen flashing blue and pink.

At the end of the circle a lady’s voice came through and began talking to a member of the circle.  Her message was evidently that of a friend to a friend and she began to talk in a voice which two people could recognise and it was towards the end of her talk that there was a sound rather like a ring being dropped and bouncing across the floor came, the spirit claimed that she had done it as a gift to the circle.

The circle was drawn to a close as the temperature began to return to normal and members began to lift from their trances.