Northdown trance and physical circle.

160px-William_Rockefeller[1]250px-Laurel_&_Hardy[1]220px-Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863[1]220px-Joseph_Merrick_carte_de_visite_photo,_c._1889[1]Attended the Northdown trance and Physical circle on the 21st February 2013.  Sometimes when we attend circle it is with certain aims, personal addresses to spirit or with an internal proposal of some action or physical demonstration of spiritual presence.  This interaction is put to spirit and chosen as something which if possible would be a good evidence of spirit.  Prior to the sitting it was requested by one of the sitters if spirit could on this occasion practically show their energies in a visible and tangible way. 

The evening was to be a circle which provided some extraordinary evidence of spirit.  It was only because of their aid that what is written here and follows was made possible.  The circle sat in the seats around the table upon which stood two trumpets and a crystal ball.  It was with curtains drawn, the door closed and no other external influences i.e light from the window or items from outside the room, the opening words were said and the circle was officially started.  At first, the room appeared as normal but quickly the telling cold which was almost wet in its feel came to sit around and be felt by the sitters.  No soon as this cold was noticed, the spirit noise was heard in the form of whispers.  Members of the circle started hearing cracking, muted talking and words being muttered but from no one’s mouths could the sounds be seen emitting and as it was picked up and then detected further it became clear that most of the spiritual voices could be pinned down to the corner of the séance from which little green lights could also be seen moving like orbs or tiny sparks of colour.   Winthrop Rockefeller then became the primary name to be mentioned.  In fact Rockefeller was defined by one of the mediums who saw the name.  More information was asked to be received in regards to this and the place name of Palm Springs was indicated by spirit and the number 60 subsequently the research pointed to a man called Winthrop Rockefeller who was not only a grandchild of the spirit seen that night but also not only was he born on May 1 1912 and passed on February 22 1973 meaning that his date of anniversary falls on this very day and would have been the closest that he could use to show it but his age was the exact 60 which was shown by spirit.

Winthrop Rockefeller, in spirit wanted to talk of Palm Springs and after searching into relevant articles it was found that Palm Springs was the place where Winthrop Rockefeller spent his final days.  He was a very important individual to Arkansas in the United States as the first Republican Governor since the Reconstruction and more than this it was his work and passion as a philanthropist which evidenced itself so well and astoundingly in circle.  It was as this man’s spirit alongside that of other male family links including a grandfather and also William Rockefeller came to show more of themselves that something exceptional took place and a number of energies came together to make a sound, it was a bang which had all sitters looking towards the bookshelf where a wooden stick had fallen for no apparent reason other than the spirit of the man who was standing in front having touched it.        

The stick had fallen significantly next to a little black book which was used for reference.  This category journal being one which undoubtedly reminded the philanthropist in him of something which was much adored.

The circle was quiet, anticipating more activity.  The sitters were not disappointed.  The trumpets in the middle of the room started to vibrate.  Following a speech from spirit spoken in trance, the spirit talked on vibration and the way that the circle was undergoing a lot of physical fluctuation when they sat.  The items the spirit said would all shake and it was just a matter of how much of it could be felt.  A few moments after the trumpet started to move and after seeing this the sitters started to watch for more physical activity.  Spirit were keen to respond but this time Abraham Lincoln 12 February 1809 April 15 1865 was brought into the proceedings by them.  It initially was not known why but after finding out information it was understood that Abraham Lincoln was a man who fought for equality but particularly for the rights of African Americans.  Near and almost a replica of the passionate campaign which was upheld by Winthrop Rockefeller.    

 When Winthrop Rockefeller was seen there was a multitude of paintings.  In life as an individual art was found to be important to him.  Having organised many funds with his wife the painted plaques that spirit showed were good links for the man who endeavoured to reference himself.  Abraham Lincoln was someone who bravely backed causes in a similar route to that of Winthrop Rockefeller. 

Stan Laurel who was born Arthur Stanley Jefferson 16th  June 1809 23rd February 1965 English film director, writer and comic actor.  His spirit was clearly evidenced by a partnership that was shown in the circle.  Laurel and Hardy, the duo was sudden and speedily thrown into the sitting.  Again it was not apparent of any other connections other than the notable names but a bit of research has shown that spirit did have something in mind.  Poignantly Stan was trying to get through the date of the 23rd February which will actually mark his date of passing to spirit.   

The Blue Ridge Mountains then were stated by the sitters.  This scene of the mountains had once again been referenced by spirit for a special connective purpose and once again despite it not being known it was the search after the séance which highlighted why spirit had done what they had.  Not only do the Blue Ridge mountains title a film that Laurel and Hardy were famous for having sung about but Abraham Lincoln joins his energy with theirs on this subject as it is somewhere that has significance for him as being the point where he made a speech which made a stretch for the hearts and minds of the public. 

John Merrick also known as Joseph Carey Merrick 5 August 1862 11 April 1890 was then visible.  A man who in spirit had a good sense of balance, love and endurance.  He first wanted to show his head which looked different.  It was not just that but his following act which showed who he was.  An image of an animal with a trunk.  This animals face was placed over his own and suddenly the medium realised it was someone who was either likened to that animal or given a nickname.  The spirit wanted to assist as he said look up John. 

John Merrick is the name he directed the sitter to and it was under the article the full account of this mesmerising individual opened out.  In the sitting the spirit pointed to his neck and something which occurred there.  Late on the account informs about John and the medical distortion which caused the heaviness of his head to be too much for his neck.  It was to be that his life was lived during the reign of Queen Victoria 24 May 1819 22nd January 1901 and in spirit either aware of the proceeding and physical activity in the séance or because she wanted to come through her full form was seen.  Standing direct in front of the same case where the stick had fallen earlier as she strode past another noise had the sitters jumping. 

As queen Victoria brushed past the books in the case the journal of reference was toppled off and thrown down.  

Not only have queen Victoria’s own diaries, letters and papers recently having undergone a system of itemised updating and this may have been why she wanted to push this particular book off the top but it is also another connection with the philanthropic theme of the sitting.  Native Americans in their number came and offered wisdom through speech, a symbolic set of clairvoyance and aid in the senses which were felt in that occasion.  The sitting came to a most wonderful conclusion.  With the closing words the room checked it was found that the little book was now flat and the stick tapped on the top to see if it gave off the noise heard and with it found to be the exact copy the evidence was taken in by everyone with wonder.    

Pics are of William Rockefeller, Laurel and Hardy on the left is Stan Laurel, Abraham Lincoln and John Merrick.  Pictures are taken from online encyclopaedia.