Native American spirit.

Native American law, cultural heritage and spiritual profound senses of life have long been an ingrained aspect of what we understand to be both a historical and present day contemporary perspective of spiritualism.  Having built and denoted Power place as somewhere upon which it is believed much energetic power can be felt by significant people, the geographical land had importance for the spirit for native America in a similar way to the belief of spiritual circles today that set up in a designated spot to link with spirit.

There are many animals which Native American tribe small and large believed to represent more than the four legged creatures on the Earth.  These counterparts were felt to have symbolic meaning and spiritual links to not only the elements around us but also act as important teachers guiding us with lessons specific and tailored to individual needs.

In this comprehensive stance the Eagle took residence as one of the most significant animals due to its ability to soar over the camps and inherently understand what it takes to survive.

The eagle to many Native American cultures equates to the word freedom.  It is said that the eagle is born free and passes to spirit as a free one of the Earth.  The eagle spreads its wings in parity and union between the sky and the Earth, its body a merging mediator of the spirit and the material plain.  The bird of free flight and vast sight his ability to be one with the wind, the passing air and the natural vista make it the link of visual means to what it means to live, to breath and to survive.

Native Americans above all had respect for all perceptions of life.  They endeavoured to teach that people should live on the Earth without disrupting it and without tainting the balance, harmonious and peace of the environment.  This rule, one spoken of many times in circle, has brought true insight from spirit to our world.  In technical and heavily constructed upon parts of our landscape, it is also easy to see that this might be a lesson we can relate to and moreover see the consequence of today.

Consciousness of the soul was significant to many tribal faith foundations as this is the state whereby individuals were aware that they had a role in life and a place on the Earth.  The places where we live and an environment around us is not as fragmented as we may choose to believe but actually serves as a kind of united organism.

Even as children Native American tribes helped their generations to patiently evaluate the stars, the forest, the wind, the water and the animals.  The sanctity of the natural laws was never broken because unnecessary pain would be brought on the living.

The eagle is an element which can be seen to represent spirit as with the flight of the eagle one also gains an insight into the path spirit has on its journey from the material to the realm of spirit.

The quote from Eagle, White Eagle states I.. fall into infinite Light..  There are boundaries of infinity, freedom and expanse but I do not perceive myself as a body anymore.  I am pure consciousness consisting of love.  Immediately I get the feeling of wings which support me as I fly.  In the depth of every correctly developing soul there is a memory about Freedom.  This freedom can be likened to flight, a flight to the unknown.

The quote is a means to explain a spirit’s path from this existence to that of another and likens the state of the flight to the sense of pure love and limitless momentum.  The strength of the soul’s aspiration makes the difference as to how this amount of freedom is felt, after all in preparation to fly, to lift from the ground one must look directly to the sky.

I think as we learn from particular laws embedded in Native American faith we appreciate that the natural link between the people who live on this earth and with that of spirit is more easily felt and seen that we realise.  Spirit is in every drop of water, every look of kindness and more significantly spirit is most alive when we understand our bond to it.  Our theories in spiritualism are somewhat based on these ideologies.  The thought that spirit is not separate from our environment and that their joy is shared in what we partake in is actually what links us with each element and our shared goal for making a better and fairer habitat.