My Love.

As this occassion, is still an extension of holiday break, I would like to talk to you about something a little different…

In this blog I would like to refer to and explain some key spiritual terms.  There will be some explanations, some spiritual references and a few suggestions for Devination.

Before that however: There are moments when spirit seem to unite so fully with lives; form something so momentous that it just has to captivate.  It is with one similar example, this poem comes to you direct from spirit as it is known that today is the time when a blog is posted.

It is a poem; which has been Channelled (something which will be explained later) through someone and has been given for anyone who has experienced a loss of a loved one to spirit.  It is a poem entitled My Love…

Last night, when I said Bye see you later My Love

You cried and looked as you thought I could not

You are wrong, My Love, Look into your heart

I will be right by you

Never to leave you My Love

The love that we charted for each other when we came

Will never die

We cared for each other

Were true to that love

For the eternity

These treasures will remain with us in our heart

Which no power in the Universe

Can take apart

I am here

Just beside you

For eternity,

My Love

I am young again, happy, healthy with no pain

Full of joy, as you will be one day

So close as a blink of an eye

We will have the whole eternity to look forward to

Remember the time that we both cried

For the loved ones that left us before

For our dog Shadow

And the little Tiger

Our ginger puss

We were told then not to cry

But believe in love never dies

Well, my Darling, My Love

It is all true and more beside

All is gone, is old age

The pain, with no pill or medicine

To take in order to survive

We are all strong, whole

Full of love

Just beside you My Love.

This is a true glimpse of spiritual guidance, on how it is and how it can be when one passes. Loved ones never go that far.  Spirit is not that far removed.  It is certainly not a ghostly, scary or daunting prospect and a simple extension of life on Earth; spirit is happiness and joy but more importantly it is an an angle of love.


Terms of Spirit:

Vortex – a vortex is simply the area whereby spirit energy can pass through more easily.

Spiritual Guide – is the person who is in charge, an elevated spirit who has lived a life before, who has experience of the Earthly plain and who helps you to write your chart in coming to life.  This is someone, a person that comes not to alter the course you have chosen but to help you get over physical problems and the more you talk to your spirit guide the more connection you will have and start to pick up on feelings, senses and help which will become evidencial.

Kindered Spirit- sometimes in life, you come accross a person who is so like you, who reacts to things so much as you would do and is so much a part of you; if you are lucky enough to come accross someone like this as a friend or partner then this is a Kindered spirit and you can not ask for anything better, this is the opportunity to not feel ever alone and to share things with, knowing that they understand and enjoy everything the same way as yourself.

Psychometry: is when someone tunes in their psychic ability and in holding on to an object that belongs to someone else can read clairvoyantly into the past and present of the owner of that object.  It is a kind of residual energy which is brough to the surface.

This kind of tuning into belonging; can through the aid of spirit help to pick up on Missing persons or assisting Law enforcement as the knowledge is given to the Medium via an instrument.

Level of Consciousness:

Beta Level – is when someone is awake, active and alert.

Alpha Level – is when someone is awake but relaxed and our eyes are closed.

(This is the level that one should adopt if you want to get closer to your subconscious mind and to spirit.  This is the level which is optimum and can help with that.)

Theta Level – is when someone is very sleepy or in the process of falling asleep.

Delta Level – is when someone is very deeply asleep.

In sleeping we have two stages which are 1) REM when sleep is very light and 2) NON-REM; which is a very deep state of sleeping.

Morphic Resonance – When someone gets to a place that you have never been to, never read about and never heard of but you feel as if you know the place and you know the surroundings.  This is related to the information which is kept in your sub-conscious mind regarding a  previous life or memory.

Telepathy – power of personal attunement.  This is where you can pass information to someone else through your mind.

Rescue – (in terms of the difference between spirit and ghost) Basically a spirit is one who has passed on and a ghost is someone, who for various reasons, feels trapped and can not move on.  This can be recognised by traits which are physical or one aspect which would have been seen in that person.  Rescue can be the way which is used to help let spirit out of that area or place.

Channelling – This is when the person (medium) allows his/her body to be used by spirit to give a message, words or advice.  This can also be known by Trance and is typically when someone resides in the Altered State of Consciousness.

Kinectic Energy – a kind of state which brings on involuntary physical movement and projection of obejects; this is something which is usually born with someone, but can be enhanced at stages of extreme mood or puberty.  Generally it does leave someone and will not stay; however if shown and evidenced the electrical objects around the person with this kind of Kinetic resonance will fuse out or break, doors can open and shut seemingly without touch and implements may come to life or die out.

Dowsing Ability – This is when someone tunes into the higher consciousness; thereby the Dowser usually using some method of a Pendulum, or object hanging off a string or chain; it could be a Crystal and it is dangled off the chain, held via the thumb and forefinger loosely.  It is then put out that the person is in need of finding a lost object, or item and the Pendulum will point to the direction.

Cartomancy – Is to use attuement with spirit and to gain the answer via the implement of cards.

If there is a question which you need an answer to via the help of spirit: then there are a few methods which can be recommended.

Automatic Writing – when someone is in tune with spirit and implements the Alpha State from which to reach via meditation.  If there is a question, you simply loosly hold a pen over a blank piece of paper and whilst in the Alpha conscioussness, let your pen flow over the paper.

The answer which has been given on the paper can then be translated.

Meditation and the engaging of an Alpha state is important to this method.

The useful process of using a tape recorder can also be helpful.  Close your mouth, breath through your nose whilst counting numbers up to four… one, two, three, four.  As you do this you breath in.  Hold the air inside of you.  Then exhale, whilst counting again up to four, but out through your mouth.

After you have done this, you feel prepared then insert a blank CD or tape into a recorder and switch on…whatever words come via this means can then be played back later and your answer obtained.

The breathing process is vital.  After you have done this several times, this can relax your body, it can bring it close to the Alpha level.  This is needed for the two methods of Automatic writing and recording.

Good luck and keep practicing.  Do not worry if this does not engage you fully in the first attempt, as both methods are at their optimum after you have preformed them twice or more.

Some other facts regarding Spirit that may interest you:

The veil between the two worlds is much thinner between the hours of 2:oo – to 4:30 in the morning.

The element of water and electricity help spirit to create proof of themselves.  The two elements create a better atmosphere, if set correctly which corresponds to their movements.  Hence, the hours of early Dawn are when there is wetness in the air and peak mood for receptivness in people.