Trance and physical sittings can be at their most effective when spirit aid in a partial or full materialisation.  Quite often when writing up blogs regarding circles the act of materialisation is noted and pointed to as it is a part of circle that can be visibly sighted by all attending.  Materialisation itself takes a very long period to develop but is one of the most stupendous forms of physical mediumship.  In spiritualism and particularly in the formation of physical circles materialisation is a main area for investigation and intrigue.

Materialisation which can also be known as a manifest of spirit is the collation of energy from a spiritual source there after transforming from the seen with the third eye to the virtual and tangible.  Concrete in its substance spirit often use ectoplasm as a means for giving dimension and definition of features belonging to those who have passed.

In circle the mediums sit and usually one or rarely several of the mediums are chosen as conduits for the spirit substance called ectoplasm.  This thick, line of membrane is emitted from the nose, ears and mouth of the sitter.  It does not alarm but to those who are prepared looks rather as if a smoky and cloud type is drawn out from the orifices of the person.  Moreover the energy or particles which come together to adhesively give shape or body merge and allow for dimension of spiritual presence to be seen.  

Materialisation is not a new action but actually one which is spiritually well noted, reputed and demonstrated.  In circles run by Helen Duncan often direction given by Albert the medium’s spirit guide and her control would establish good examples of materialisation.  Peggy and Dr. Williams both instructed on how to best produce the conditions in a circle or sitting for this physical form.  Both individuals spoke from spirit and aided in the material evidence. 

Occasionally full outlines may appear to mediums who are beginning but it is more accepted that it is easier and more quick in the situation of experienced mediums because it is something which requires an element of assured behaviour.  If the individual pulls back, hesitates or any necessary condition is not met then neither spirit nor the circle will be able to participate in this mode of physical act.

Our circle..

Materialisation can be astounding.  If accurately established it can enlighten, instruct and visually portray some phenomenal activity.  In attending circle there have been many an instance where spirit have shown that even material manifestation can have many forms.  Spirit have touched sitters, turning on mobile phones, taken car keys from sight, detached paintings hanging on the wall, shaken and vibrated chairs, stopped music playing on a recorder, turned the volume up and down, caused the faces of loved ones to appear, highlighted physical outlines, taken glasses of water, dropped stones on to the carpet, caused clothing to rearrange itself on sitters not to mention levitating tables with ring being flung accross the room.

The physical sitting should be sat along with a good arrangement of trance mediums as trance is a significant engagement and primary necessity for spiritual contact.

The material demonstration from spirit has not only allowed for our circle to witness certain awe worthy moments but has depicted spiritual hands and arms which have then gone on to be seen moving.  Spiritual limbs coming into sight prior to other forms or successions of actions being seen, heard and felt by spirit.

Albert, Helen Duncan’s spirit control gave such amount of feature recollection and material depiction to sitters that a bust was made of him then after.  Spiritual sight and the pursuit for certain activities should never outweight or be a dominant factor for neglecting to see the fantastic, wonderous and breath taking achievements in circles.  It can sometimes be on those occasions that spirit provide us with the most sensational and intriguing seconds.  A vast plethora of visible events which can take a mere short time to write about but when happening before you can be a means for a beauty beyond words.