Love never leaves us.

Love is a sensitive and encompassing emotion.  It is not something felt solely by those on this level but also experienced and shared by spirit when people move to the next step in their lives.

Animals have a specific part in many people’s time on this earth and it is with their unconditional love and trust that much is achieved.  With homed instinctive connections to people and a keen gift to be able to lift someone’s mood and heart at the exact right moment the pets who exist in our lives still keep the affection and love even when they move on from this phsyical shell.

There is a belief that in a reading only our individual relatives can come to speak to us and through a medium remind us of the links they had and the important place they had in life.  Not being restricted to this concept many spirits can and do take part in a reading and there is usually a purpose for this.

A reading is a spiritual three way conversation which can be had between an individual, the medium who can convey the message and the spirit who comes to interact and to give responses to friends and families.

Often the energy used in a reading will bring many loved ones to the conversation.  Grandparents will converse with individuals they never saw in this life but from spirit have the opportunity to know.

The energy founded in a reading is a powerful and evocative link to moments shared in the past, feelings of what is to come and also words which evidence that their spirit still revels in the joy and contentment still experienced by those on this level.

Animals can also come through and evidence information pertaining and natural memories of who they were.  It sometimes is breath taking to see and find out how much a family’s animal friend got to know about them in life and what they are able to witness from spirit.  

In a reading a while back animals played an extra ordinary role through combining information about the life they shared with a unique owner and through evidence they were willing to share about something important to happen in her life.  After commencing the sitting the link began and a few minutes in a cat came to show itself from his position in spirit clearly showing his physical colouring, look and even declaring which number he was in the long line of cats that the lady owned.  The cat had a message and although it was unconventional to be passing along messages from the animal instead of a person the love which was felt and the insistence to talk to the lady could not be denied.  The cat was able to stipulate not only what they loved in life, the habits which were unusual but common for that feline but was keen in elaborating upon a situation which was present for the lady and outline a threat which could be avoided.

The lady was a bit taken aback but after validating all the statements given by her not long passed animal companion she realised the situation to which the cat had been demonstrating a knowledge of was something she herself had been recently aware of and would be taking great care to avoid letting take place.

In the reading the fury friend still needed to show the owner that he was well and had a place in spirit.  With a similar style to other spirits his picture reference of what he wanted to say worked as the perfect illustration of his personal message to her.  Not simply a thank you to her for a life shared but his effort to talk to her brought about the realisation that a love link no matter how it is displayed between people or animals is something which is never lost but is transferred to spirit along with the heart and love of the person or animal who makes his way to the next level of life.