Lightning trance and physical circle.

Attended the North down trance and physical circle on the 21st May 2012.  Prior to attending this circle the question was put forward to spirit regarding light activity.  It was proposed for spirit to alter or manipulate the light in the room that evening, and in the circle, to show light physical in the form of something which could be seen by everyone.  This was a proposition which undoubtedly, was tough for spirit to readily accept and as to how it could be done, was something which remained to be seen.

Already in circle we had seen round orbs of light, streaks of a white substance, flashes of green which seemed to congregate and form in particular areas of the room.  We had been lucky to have witnessed this kind of colour display; spirit had promoted a kind of visual physical action which led to the question being set.  Was it possible for them to interact with this kind of colour?  To show the number of ways in which they could manipulate and enhance light formation and if this is something that has to show before full spiritual manifestation?

 As a circle, we had been lucky enough to have witnessed, orbs and it was also these splashes or sparks of light which seemed to precedent movement of spirit and show up prior to white outlines of features.  So, it was asked if for this sitting, which was about to take place if we could work hand in hand to show if the light physical included a new form, or to try to cohesively show and explain this kind of spiritual display.

The circle was set out with the necessary items.  The table in the centre had on it the two trumpets (which were going to play a solid part in the light physical), the crystal ball and under the table was placed at an angle the native American mask.  This mask as some of you may know, was actually asked to be brought to the circle, by one spirit; the curtains in the room were firmly drawn, and the door ensured locked.  With the exception of the one Abacus in the corner and one additional chair, all items were placed in a central location where every member could see.  With the light switched off, the opening words were said and with one member commencing the drumming, the circle started… and the answer to the light question was about to be revealed.

The circle started off in dark quiet. 

It should be noted that it was in this circle members were asked to sit in different seats so as to see if the physical would take new form.

Spirit could be felt as they came through.  The temperature was at first the only indicator, as the room split, with one half feeling an icy chill and the other felt a distinct heat.  This was odd, it could not be explained, as one sitter who was shivering from the sudden drop in cold, was sat next to someone who seemed extremely itchy and tingly.  Each member could feel some sort of sensation and as this grew, the red glow in the room also jumped up a notch.  The tingling and itchy areas on the face appeared to preceed a spirit form.  Just as someone, in the circle, would feel a sensation, next a spirit voice would join circle.  First, it was from the corner as one member sat and coughed, it was the first stage before a gentleman’s voice came from his body and greeted the circle.  It was about healing, that he wished to speak, and to say that even though some healing is asked for and it is not always answered straight away that does not mean something is not being done.  There is so many ways in which healing can be aided by the individual; it is also something to be known that energy is needed and used during healing.  The power of healing is useful.  Spirit know how much and how many are in situations whereby this kind of assistance can aid.

Following this first speach; one of the members emmited a sound of stunned awe as a wave of light had seemingly floated from one of the sitter’s hands to another.  This was exceptional and also linked in with what spirit said.  Next, a kind of numb sensation took hold.  With several members feeling, a cold kind of spreading sense and icy chill on their lower halves.  One sitter exclaimed it was like sitting in cold water.  It was then that the next spirit took hold, a man’s voice yet again, he stated that many spirits and forms were present in the room.  They wished to join.  Spirit wanted to show themselves and to look out for the light and colours.  This was taken note of, as next, just as the spirit finished the room was pitched into darkness.  Spirit seemed to fill the room; it was if the circle had suddenly drawn attention to the table and the two trumpets which had started to flick colours, from green, to orange, to green in block… the blocks moved like flashes in colour and seemed odd as the actual trumpet was silver.  Another odd experience was in the crystal ball, it had turned black and the objects in the surrounding area would blank out as if someone had walked in front of them.  There was also a lot of active movement on the floor; someone saw a small black object running around down low.  On top of this, there were physical forms of native American present.  It was then that attention was turned to a smell, it was beautiful.  Radiant and glowing.   

A spirit then joined.  In cockney language and with accent to say that a gentleman was standing to his side and that he wearing no Winkle pickers ‘shoes’ and instead he wanted to draw attention of circle to that and to the party they were holding spiritside.  Circle was pleased to talk to the spirit, and then as he left, a white light could be seen shining to the left.

Two members started to talk, queries arose to what it was.  Why was it on the left and nothing on the right?  It was here that spirit interjected.  The spirit whispered:

To the left

where majestic energy rise

and spirit guides

reside and try

to show and form for you

It was as this poem was uttered, spirit, left a breeze to interceed the circle.  (Please note that the words written above are rough remembered translation).  It looked to answer the question.  Following the words, the room started to notice the green light glowing around the table.  Though there was light, there was also patches of ebony black.  It was difficult to see the faces of members. 

Names started to float through.  First, Harold Wilson James Harold Wilson, KG, OBE, FRS, FSS, PC (11 March 1916 – 24 May 1995) he was a British Labour Politician of the Labour Party.  It was his name; this was shown and circle watched as after this a host of activity flurried.  Harold Wilson, he was two times Prime Minister of the United kingdom during the 1960s and 1970s.  He went from Secretary of Overseas Trade to the position of the President of the Board of Trades in 1947.  He first served in the position of Prime Minister in 1960s during a relative period of low unemployment and economic stability however his role once again in second term saw significant economic loss and unemployment; albeit he attempted to balance the country and navigate a successful state.  This is thought to be the link, as at the moment we, as a state are going through unemployment figures.  The loss of jobs and stable economy.

There were light orbs which tended to move and show up in specific areas of the room.  Whilst this was taking place there was also a line of emerald light that showed around the top and bottom of the curtain.  

David Carradin; at first the surname indicated his spirit, next a boy could be seen and it was with the name of Freedom.  After research it can be shown that David Carradine had a little boy whom he named Free, at 9 years old he asked for his name to be converted to Tom.   David Carradine first name was in circle shown as Arthur (born John Arthur Carradine; December 8, 1936 – June 3, 2009) was an extraordinary actor and martial artist, best known for his role as a warrior monk, Kwai Chang Caine, in the 1970s television series Kung Fu. He was a member of a productive acting family dynasty that began with his father, John Carradine. His acting career, which included major and minor roles on stage, television and cinema, spanned over four decades. A prolific “B” movie actor, he appeared in more than 100 feature films and was nominated four times for a Golden Globe Award. The last nomination was for his title role in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

Films that featured Carradine continued to be released after his death. These posthumous credits were from a variety of genres including horror, action, western, martial arts, drama, science fiction and documentary. In addition to his acting career, Carradine was also a musician and pursued a directing career. Influenced by his most popular acting role, he studied martial arts. The child of a frequently married actor, “Jack”, as Carradine was known in his youth, had an unstable childhood. This instability would continue throughout his life as he himself was married five times. He was also frequently arrested and prosecuted for a variety of offenses which often involved substance abuse. He died on June 3, 2009 of an apparently accidental asphyxiation.

The odd experience in circle being, that one sitter, felt strangulation.  It was specifically similar to that written as felt by David.

The location of San Francisco this was pin pointed, this was shown by spirit, and is significantly believed to be vital subjects for both Frank Sinatra and David Carradine;  Barbara Stanwyck was also seen only by name alongside a woman’s form with short bob.  She was seen and believed to have been dated to 1960s. 

Ellingham, this name was highlighted.  At first it was only a trigger, a small step which came alongside a clairsentient experience for the circle.  It was a perfume; a light floral scent which came floating into the room, from seemingly nowhere, it was smelt along one half of the room and then as it was mentioned, a male spirit voice approached circle.  This was done in explanation of the smell.  Talking to one member; the spirit said, in answer for his question to who was causing the smell; Old chap what a novel idea, I do think that is my Dolly, you can smell, she was one for the scents you know.  The circle looked, first taken aback, then as more info was given it was noted that this was one Dorothea who was dressed in fine clothes and had her hair pinned up.  The Dorothea, was in fact, as later found out; one Sophia Dorothea of Hanover.  An honour and intriguing experience.  Please look below to find out more about who she was; and why her presense through spirit made such waves.

Frank Sinatra, his name was also mentioned, but moreover his face seen and a mention please to look out for the date.  Well after looking into this, Sinatra passed to spirit a 14th May, which was only a matter of days before circle.  It is believed this was the link mentioned in circle, but also extraordinarily his mother was also called Dolly, the previous spirit just talked of Dolly in reference to the smell and it could perhaps draw on that but it seemed such a coincidence.  Dolly was an extra significant lady and one who was kind and vivid.

Saint Stephen (Koine Greek: Στέφανος, Stephanos; sometimes spelled “Stephan”), the protomartyr of Christianity, is venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox Churches. 

This was the next name.  Stephen’s name is derived from the Greek language Stephanos, meaning “crown”. Traditionally, Stephen is invested with a crown of martyrdom; he is often depicted in art with three stones and the martyrs’ palm. In Eastern Christian iconography, he is shown as a young, beardless man with a tonsure, wearing a deacon’s vestments, and often holding a miniature church building or a censer. Rembrandt depicted his martyrdom in his work The Stoning of Saint Stephen.  Having shown this,  a crown was also indicated.

Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe; January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was an American author, poet, editor and literary critic, considered part of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. He is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction. He was the first well-known American writer to try to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career.

He was born as Edgar Poe in Boston, Massachusetts; he was orphaned young when his mother died shortly after his father abandoned the family. Poe was taken in by John and Frances Allan, of Richmond, Virginia, but they never formally adopted him. He attended the Universityof Virginiafor one semester but left due to lack of money. After enlisting in the Army and later failing as an officer’s cadet at West Point, Poe parted ways with the Allans. His publishing career began humbly, with an anonymous collection of poems, Tamerlane and Other Poems (1827), credited only to “a Bostonian”.

Poe switched his focus to prose and spent the next several years working for literary journals and periodicals, becoming known for his own style of literary criticism. His work forced him to move among several cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.  In January 1845 Poe published his poem, “The Raven”, to instant success. His wife died of tuberculosis two years after its publication. He began planning to produce his own journal, The Penn (later renamed The Stylus), though he died before it could be produced. On October 7, 1849, at age 40, Poe died in Baltimore; the cause of his death is unknown and has been variously attributed to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease, rabies, suicide, tuberculosis, and other agents.

Whilst Poe the name, it was referenced, it was also with Rosalie.  This seems to have been his sister.  Poe and his works influenced literature in the United States and around the world, as well as in specialized fields, such as cosmology and cryptography. Poe and his work appear throughout popular culture in literature, music, films, and television. A number of his homes are dedicated museums today.

The circle was witness to a vast set of transfigueration.  Several members looked different; one had shifted so much to look as if he was wearing robes.  His features blurred; also it was his asking of his vision of a monk, which members could see.  This was a significant example of connection between spirit and physcial form.

Agnes Simmons of 1531, a medium sat up and said this.  Adjoining this other people could see the sitter near her in the guise physical form; this was of a Sister in religious clothing.  After looking into it, citing the exact name, yes a Agnes Simmons in dated to 1531 and she was a nun and belonged to Horsey Family.  This was the explanation given in the Horsey family tree.

I would like to tell you a little of: Sophia Dorothea of Hanover (26 March [O.S. 16 March] 1687– 28 June 1757) was a Queen consort in Prussia as wife of Frederick William I. She was the sister of George II of Great Britain and the mother of Frederick II of Prussia; it was her showing and also the fact that she had a small black and white animal with her that she referred to as with her and not sure where to put; if you look at the above pic you will actually see the small animal, to which was referenced.   Her father was George I of Great Britain.  It is also the link to the George which was shown, and Royal heritage, which made this encounter vital.

There was an exceptional wealth of communication; one other spirit spoke of his look on how the people in circle seemed to expand on their qualities and unite.  The spirit seeking to find a level.  A being which was shown through physical connection.  Next, the circle which was drawn to a close, experienced a new shock as the items were checked and the native american mask which had been placed on the floor at an angle now lay flat out facing up.  It was also as the sitting was drawn closed that reference was made to Helen Duncan, and it was said that she had been present, just as this was said one of the member’s chairs violently shook… Helen Duncan notably was an outstanding physcial medium.

The question about light, it seemed to have been answered from spirit, having demonstrated a number of ways that colour influenced physical actions.  We had seen diamond shapes which had been new, and entire streak of tiny dots. 

Pics are of Harold Wilson, David Carradine, Saint Stephen, Edgar Allan Poe and Sophia Dorothea of Hanover.

Pics are taken from online encyclopedia.