Intuitive trance and physical circle.

Apologies for the absence of the account and blog on Thursday due to the physical and trance circle having now been transferred to Monday evenings, the account for circle will now come out on the following afternoon. 

The actual action of trance and physical in circles is in its own way a special and unique form of spirituality.  The main form of trance can be split into 4 main categories.  After looking into this specific line of spiritual investigation and particular accounts the four main classes of trance are inspiration, light, intermediate and unconscious which can also be seen as a deep trance state.

Trance is a wonderful and unfortunately rarely seen gift which shows physical.  The physical which trance results in is a superb showing of spiritualism.  The actual medium who is performing the trance deep trance level 4 state will have no recollection of what is being said and gone on during the session.  Whereas, in the other states according to how close the person is standing to their own body their memory will vary.  It is an out of body experience which is helped along by spirit and a voice box is even built with ectoplasm a substance built by spiritual source to represent the lack of physical features.

Through the trance demonstrations in the physical and trance circle every trance speaking is in its own right a wonderful physical.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 19th September 2011; as per usual the curtains were tightly drawn and the room kept dark, the only exception was in the form of the box with the red light, the door was closed and everyone took their seats.  The objects in the room were placed on the table and those were the crystal ball, the two trumpets, the toy car and the small doll.  Under the table was the Native American mask, the two larger dolls, the windmill toy and a whistle.

This circle was started with the drumming and the opening words were stated.  Following this the members of circle started to go down into trance.  As the members went deeper so too the darkness in the room seemed to deepen.  A foggy white mist also started to overtake some of the room and overshadow certain chairs.

There was a different atmosphere to the room.  The temperature also started to cause an interruption as certain members felt heat coming round them and other members were feeling icy cold breezes.  The heating in the room had been switched on for a while before the circle to warm the room up but in had been turned off about 10 minutes before the actual circle started.  There was no explanation for why the members should feel such a difference in temperature.  There was an intriguing and almost anticipation feeling which started to embrace the circle.

The member to first start a talk in trance state came through.  There was a particular message and the spirit wished to talk of teaching according to beliefs.  The words were prevalent to the fact that a lot of people say that if a great spirit exists then how can there be good and evil.  The evil, the spirits wanted to say, was not bad or negative in that sense moreover it was undeveloped good.  The spirit tried to show this through talking about this; like a hologram of a flower he said, thus each part represents the flower and not part of the flower and there in each person is actually their own kind of creator.  The spirits talking set off a fluctuation in heat and certain members of circle felt this as he talked.  There was also a series of small taps which could be heard.

The spirit seemed to show the cause and effect can be felt from particular concepts and how we do things.  For example, if we drive badly cause thus it could end up in accident effect.  How things are put together cause the result can be showed effect.

The important facts of patience, forgiveness and love will all help us through and help to develop our souls and add to our achievement and purposes for what we have been put on the earth plane to manage.

The room felt compact and close and as the second spirit talked the temperature turned cool.  What is felt to be a native American spirit claimed his part in nature and his culture.  The spirit began with the words “we walk with the buffalo and as we look to the sky and so doth the eagle spread his wings so to do the thoughts reawaken…”  the native American spirit wished to talk to the assembled group about the animal kingdom and how important it was to take note of what is happening around you.  His words showed that in the example of a sky hawk even he will notice the small movements of the animals below him.  In nature there is a lot to be learnt, he stated, and significant processes to be shown.  The symbols and the many ways in which they can be interpreted had been lost in today’s society in many ways he thought, saddened and yet encouraged by what could be gained he tried to show the members of circle that there was much to be felt if once again they could read the symbols.  In terms of circle he stated that the spirits had gathered, they were happy to sense the anticipation and asked if the members could participate and ask for spirits they wished and give energy so that it could help spirits with what was to take shape.

As the spirit finished talking a distinct white cloud was seen in the room and little blue lights shone.

To be considered when the blue light flashed in the form of an orb, it was over one of the darkened posters on the wall, when the light was switched on at the end of circle and the room checked it was noticed that the poster was actually of a native American gentleman and his wise words on the buffalo.

The spirit seemed to give out the explanation that as given things will also be received.

The crystal ball in the room, on the table in the centre also caused a green glow to come out.  Two shapes were seen in the c ball, one being that of a triangle which one of the members stated was the triangle which showed up mind, body and spirit.  There was also a rectangular shape in green.  The three points of the triangle were believed to be the three aspects of mind, body and spirit however following this spirit also showed a tray of small symbols with the words of mood and spirit, heart and passion and love and happiness.

Streaks of light appeared on the floor, a light which a few members all saw together.  This was intriguing because once again there should have been no other light seen in the room.  The next spirit to talk was of a seeker of the truth and following this a spirit talked to the circle and spoke of the importance of the messages which were being given.

Clairvoyant messages were seen and given to recipients with important validation.  One of the messages was poignant as she had come through with a motherly feeling and the lady in question confirmed that she had been like a mother to her, the energy wanted to give forth a card to the lady and it seemed as if this card was significant, it was later confirmed that the lady had passed on the sitter’s actual birthday and so the card she had wanted to send had not made it to her.  This was evidence of how close the spirits were.  This was another proof that the level of love in spirit is not lost.  Next clairsentience was shown and smelt.  Transfiguration, the physical appearance of one of the members also showed, as one of the sitters seemed to be sat over by a larger energy.

The member in the corner of the room took on the physical trait and appearance of spirits.  This was watched by the members.  The next few minutes were taken over by the phenomenon of the energy shaping and the feel of the movement of a chair which seemed to shake.

As the circle drew to a close, the closing words were read.  The members were able to turn off the red light and switch on the main lights.  The crystal ball was clear whereas it had given off a green glow during the circle.  The room was checked and the posters on the wall were seen as they had originally been even though one had glowed over the head of one of the members and there had been orb flashes on an other one.  The thread that connects everything together is love, it continues with love and it never dies with love.  The circle was example of this.