Inspired trance and physical circle.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 26th September 2011; as per regulation the curtains were tightly pegged, the door closed, all the members took their seats and began what was going to be a wonderful and entrancing circle;

The objects which were checked, placed on the table were the toy car, crystal ball, two trumpets and small doll.  Under the table were the two larger dolls, the native American mask, the wind mill, the paper and pencil and abacus.

The opening words were stated and one of the members began the drumming.  All the members started the trance.  As the members went down and the trance progressed the mist like essence started to come over part of the room.  The dark corner where one of the members who started with drumming began to feel warm.  However, the members sitting next to that member felt cool and an icy chill.  The first spirit to come through and address the circle came by as one of the mediums opened his mouth and the voice of the guide started to flow.  The words were calm and spoke of the actual change which had taken place to the date and time of the circle.  The energy wished to state that this was the second session to take place on a Monday and that yes they were watching this difference to the time and setting of the circle.  Please read next paragraph for full explanation of why this reply from the energy was so significant.  This was followed by the fact that he wanted to say do not wait for the time for your spiritual life to start, you are in your spirit life now, your actions and thoughts count, it starts here and now, your development and happiness is important and makes up part of your spiritual inhabitation.  People in spirit take on the age of mid life or hereabouts where there is youth and maturity combined.  Energies living on this side are on a lower level and spirits have an awareness of what is happening, as with the circle, but as they have a different level of energy it is not always possible to harmonise with the Earth.  In passing sickness does pass, the feelings of Earth do leave and on encountering this level again at times these senses can return.  As such there are vast diversities between the Earth and spiritual plain.  Upon passing age is differed, for example the elderly may once again show themselves in middling year.  Babies do also grow, they are placed with a relation where they can nurture and develop.  This same rule applies to your animals who once again become feisty and whole.   

The darkness was only infiltrated by the red light.  Specific members and sitters of circle saw symbols of an eagle with wings open and reached out overhead and the picture of the moon was captured between its two wings.  The eagle is an important symbol and following research info it can now be shown as the symbol of the medicine wheel in which the eagle flying east is an interpreting indicator of strength, endurance and vision.  This is a symbol which holds an affinity with the Cherokee cultures and highlights rebirth and the unity.  The picture above is the symbol which was seen in circle and denotes freedom.  For more info on the Medicine wheel and the symbol of eagle please refer to today’s inspiration piece.

Prior to the sitting and circle specific members had privately asked if the spiritual energies would know about this difference being made to the dates of the circle and to the awe and happiness of the assembled circle this was the first comment and answer to be given by the energy to speak.  Thus proves the closeness and awareness that the energies have to us and how they are noticing what is happening.  Certain specific American figures were seen amongst which was the President Abraham Lincoln and more particularly the symbol of a handshake was noted which on research was shown to connect to Abraham Lincoln.  The handshake represents Thanksgiving and democracy.  The handshake was considered to show the bond between being a citizen of a society and feeling the unity.   

The circle felt open and several little orbs appeared.  At first these circles were blue and then they started to appear in light colours.  Particularly they seemed to flash over one of the sitters.  This sitter then opened his mouth and the spirit addressed the circle.  This was a spirit guide but one who came to offer a specific account.  The spiritual energy was keen to demonstrate his wise affinity to that of aid.  He established that he knew of a pet who needed healing and gave the particulars which two of the sitters could confirm exactly.  Then he proceeded to talk of this pet.  After he gave information which related to this animal he talked the circle through a session and visual therapy which was to give help to this animal.  The whole circle felt part of this combined event.  It was a brilliant few moments and one which felt thoroughly special.

Following this a heat radiated across the circle.  This heat was one which seemed to go across the body.  The spirit of Crow woman was seen and that of grey wolf.  In many ways we are touched by something wonderful when Crow woman stands proud in the circle.

There were several taps and cracks.  These audio phenomenon were precise as they seemed to confirm questions.  Then there was a minute where a clairvoyant display of animals came through.

The sitter to next open their mouth began with a spirit who had a particular poem they wanted to link with the events which were taking place in circle.  The poem, although not noted down at that moment was beautiful and shared wisdom about a cycle of life.  This was shown through animals.  The poem was surrounding the following theme,

A man, a horse and a dog they walk together,

They walk as one,

along to the stables,

whereupon the donkeys meets his friends,

the kangaroo shifts and becomes the shade of dinosaur,

and the eagle turns to the dove,

which flies over the white cliffs of Dover,

to bring along the wings of love.

As you can see this poem refers to how the cycle of animals can be interconnected.  How wonderfully the time of life can shape and reshape animals and breeds.  The poem which was charged with energy appeared to draw on the links which animals have to one another and how their power interconnects with us, the man, at the start of this poem.

There was a brilliant and somewhat deep energy to the circle.  The members were all still in trance state when the next medium began to open their mouth and the words of a cockney boy flew out.  This boy named Richmond park as the place he had been strolling and his main aim was to pop in and view the circle.  The energy preceeded a series of names and information which linked with events to take place in circle and named streets and places.

Next one of the members of circle had asked about the Indian summer and as to why on the Weather Forecast the presenter had mentioned that this was going to be particularly a Native American summer.  The red light flashed and dipped twice.  Then the spirit to answer this query was exceptionally eloquent and took the form of a Native American gentleman.  There is much confusion, he stated, about the Indian Summer.  He wanted to clarify that the summers of which he was part of were the cause for many celebration to be held and for there to be preparations made for the days ahead.  The entity stated that in spirit many circles were also held in the open.  The summers they felt, he stated, were the means to feel the heat and almost feel as though you can reach out and touch that source and it is when the breeze which rushes by skin almost tells you of the differences to come.

Animals seemed to be an inspired aspect of the circle.  The element was represented by clairvoyant images and the spiritual energies were mounting to show animal beings to the circle.

There is no death, there is only a differing of worlds.  Be happy, you are here to evolve and through spiritual development go on to a different level.  Of course you will come across problems, the spirits spoke with compassion, if you can not resolve these problems however then move on.   

As the circle drew to a close, the closing words were stated.  The lights were switched back on and the items were inspected, the differences were noted and this was in the form of the larger doll under the table which had now been tipped on to its side slightly.

Pic has been taken from online encyclopaedia.