Infused knowledge.

 In this piece I write on the subject of infused thought which is a sense, a predominant understanding or spirit assisted way of communicating help when someone is calling out for it.

Infused knowledge is information given to us from spirit side at a time we need it the most but it usually comes through dreams, epiphanies and meditations.

Spirit can step in and assist people with conflicting issues but due to the ease with which information can be gained when we are relaxed, spirit find and regularly aid individuals with solutions through moments when individuals are asleep, consciously seeking out meditation or endeavouring to be reposed.

The information which spirit highlight, the answers which suddenly appear to people can be alluded to as inherent instinct.  Some turns taken despite facts pointing in a different alignment, in some occasions a strong sense shows us a differing route.

The instinct or internal answers can be put down to little more than senses and ignored.  If awareness is given to these occasions often it can be more spirit based aid which has been inferred and if taken to shape our decisions the visions, image or wisdom can bring about a positive outcome.  

The main thought behind an infused revelation from spirit is that it is information which is not gained from conventional experience or a reasoning process derived from a natural cognitive system. Senses brought into someone’s awareness as a means of spirit offering aid will be something more phenomenal, something which rapidly provides the conclusion one is looking for but through a means which is not expected.

Many instances can be examples of spirit giving this kind of influence over a difficulty which can not be conventionally fixed.  The spirit levels are inhabited by multiple sources of knowledge and thought.  On subjects of all types there will be experts or individuals who have experience to share.

To best bring to mind the spirit dimension there is a system or more aptly suited environments to the energies with a passion, gift or affinity for a certain role.

Roles in spirit can depend on the love of the individual, for instance doctors to medicine and writers to a level where there is an opportunity to use the written word.

Spirit is able to have a continuation of a specific passion which was exhibited in life and through that the compassion, understanding and extent of their breadth of expertise are not lost.

Spirit can sometimes surround someone with the hints they should take in life to get the optimum outcome.  Spirit will often make apparent their feelings, loved ones we valued do still leave traces of themselves around people albeit through small events or little miracles which can show up if one takes those important seconds to see them.  If a situation is felt to be overwhelming then all one has to do to gain spirit perspective on it is to take a step back, be calm and allow a break for one to look at the same event with a more instinctive approach.  Spirit can give outstanding clarity due to a better view of what is taking place and those loved individuals who have been informative in life can still be if one asks for their input and keeps a clear mind and open heart.