Horror sitting and circle.

Sometimes it is when you sit for circle that spirit can really make clear how much of an intention and purpose they include in their participation and visual input.  The sitting is one which is there to assist in physical demonstrations and trance methods for direct voice.  Both techniques are there to aid in providing evidence of spiritual presence.  In last night’s circle, on the first of November, it did seem somewhat as if spirit felt that it was still close to Halloween and as a consequence the theme they provided was one filled with horror and intense tricks and treats.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 1/11/2012.  It was on the subsequent eve to Halloween and even though at the start there was no reference or feel that the evening had something similar in store, spirit had planned a spook festival of a sitting of their own.  The red light was switched on and the sitters took their seats in a closed room.  The opening words were said and it became icy in the room.  Sitters felt and saw a damp type of mist which took over the central area and it was a few minutes later that energies approached.

The mist was cloudy.  With the white tint to the room it was not easy to see the sitters.  One area in the low lit lighting started to darken.  It was so dark that the person sitting there looked to disappear.  Their features were gone and instead a tapping sound first began from that point and then quickly took up around the whole circle.  It was as if someone was banging on the walls.

The atmosphere became somewhat tense.  The chair of one sitter emitted a cracking but from its side as if someone had hit it from that aspect.  The other sitters too started to voice their awareness that the circle felt filled with people.  Little flickers of colour specked different areas of the dark.  A green light came into view in one strip of light which took place from the top of the window down to the shelf much lower.  The green tone was curious as it was bright and vivid and was coming from no visible source.  It should be noted that this colouring also was seen after a healing had been given and astoundingly was seen by several of the mediums all at once.

The spirit to talk did so personally and expressively to one individual who was sat in the sitting.  His message talked of a specific name and stipulated the time.  Once this was checked it was validated by the sitter because it was for the same name that a healing had been promised to be given and looking at the clock it was to be sent at that second exactly.  The message prompted many questions because spirit had been aware of not only the hour of eight o’clock but also that the healing thoughts had to be given to that exact person.

Another spirit came close and this was of a child.  He gave his age and not just this went to stand by the sitter he was related to.  The message and sight of the boy was told to that person who confirmed that as the spirit showed, he was a grandson and a boy of 12 which was the age he had clairvoyantly pointed at but it was extra ordinary as this same young boy made clear his visit was important and once again this was validated as the sitter explained that this would have been his passing date and the week of his birthday.  The boy went on to show who else accompanied in spirit and picked family members to talk around.  The spirit were happy feelings of joyfulness and elation spread around every sitter.

It was all serene until a shadow walked through and a figure much in looks near to that of the Norman Bates in Psycho the film hovered over one of the sitters.  The mediums wondered at why this was shown but a few strokes of the second hand later none other than Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock 1899 1980, a film Director who shook the movie Industry, was seen standing behind that same sitter.  Watching his face was astute and his stance was bold and direct.  He stood only for a few instances enough to make evident who he was before he walked away.  The man himself had been the force behind the film Pyscho and more than this whilst he positioned himself in circle he showed the number 14.  In looking into his biography it was later made evident that at 14 he was not only to withstand the loss of his father but also to leave school and start his first approaching into induction of a career.  The man was a pioneer of the visual picture industry, a tense, frightening and extreme inducer of fear.  It was no surprise that the whole circle had picked up on the sense of fright as it was a trade mark by which he was best famous for.  The link to the factor of scaring people had not stopped as spirit next gave light to one Peter Wilton Cushing 1913 1994 who was himself an actor in the same realm of Gothic/hammer horrors.  Knowing and acting as the slayer or destroyer of many ghoul, individual with underhand ideas or one to be taken out and finished to within an inch of his life.

The two spirits were both known to have starred in the fright stream of filming and evoking heart stopping minutes.  In circle they watched events unfold and adding a sense of extreme angst of their own helped to show what they were best known for.  Snippets of their former lives came with informative names, places and ages.  These were then slotted together to show a better sight of who they were.

The red light in circle had a thought of its own and deciding to turn itself low at one point nearly turned off.  The circle were happy it did not, it would have meant sitting in complete darkness with two strict and individual experts of the chilling world.  The contacts of a private nature came through, all speaking to their loved ones in circle and this rounded the sitting off.

At a pace, one sitter noticed a church being shown in the middle of circle and another heard the bells ringing.  The meeting of several images, clairaudience and physical feel was kept in unison through all sitters in the sitting.  Animals came through and showed their past owners, their identity and looks.

The circle was a powerful portrait of how spirit can keep in with the events which are occurring for us.  On this occasion they showed their compassion of dates, anniversaries and attempted a little allusion of the previous day’s more jumpy links.  It was an important sitting with spirit who gave information about deviating from the norm and expanding on this as it is sometimes when we do this that we gain a break from our normal routine and that this can alleviate our stresses.  This seemed to sum up the element of reducing stress and nervousness which both the spiritual energies were known for building and instead helped poignantly refrence relevent interpretation and rememberence of memories and fondness.  Pics are of Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock and Peter Wilton Cushing.  Pictures are taken from online encyclopedia.