Home circles.

The circle as readers will know has had to take a break due to one of the members having had to undergo surgery.  The circle which shows spirit activity and unexplainable based phenomena has now had the opportunity to recommence.  It most definitely being thanks to spirit as they have interpreted, aided and built the atmosphere.

Sitting in circle especially a physical based meeting is something that does let one see spirit in action and is a time for spirit to be able to touch, feel and talk to loved ones.

Home circles have been an integral element of mediums throughout the ages.  Helen Duncan and a list of mediums have gone on to give astounding definable proof of survival through their home circles.  There are certain items which are used during such a proceeding and these are the red light, a table, chairs and the trumpets.  A light source is brought in because spirit can easily manipulate the switch to either flood the room with a bright or dim amount of shading.  It is intriguing to watch spirit join in with a circle and intervene to enhance the clarity in the room just before they perform an action.  In a similar means to this spirit have on numerous instance cut out the red box and left the members sitting in the relative dark as they then appear in a misty substance.  Spirit do show a comprehension over anything else to do with the elements which are needed in a room before spiritual activity is to form.  It is this forethought which aids members in sighting, feeling and going on to evaluate what is gained from circle.  The items such as the table, trumpets or toys which have been tampered with as the energies enter or visit with members in the meet are good implements to evidence spiritual individuals but they are not essential to the mediums.

Mediums who sit in a physical demonstration bring with them their own energy, they have a spiritual affinity or element which assists in the activity that occurs.  The energies around someone who feels relaxed around these phenomena are then able and willing to bring forward their trust and can instil their presence for all to see.

Sights, sounds and information become all important.  In a circle the mediums can relate to spirits and their choice of how they want to connect.  The trumpets are used to give a boost if you will to spiritual dialogue, the silver device can either give better clarity to speaking or with the slightest push can shake.

Circles give sight to many and have in the case of the vision of apparitions meant the members not only take in what people looked like in life but can touch and through the misty vapour been able to brush or hold hands with energies.

For this reason the circle is something that has been much looked into and has been an arguable main means for contacting spirits.  In a circle those who sit are offered times, dates and names by spirit along a variety of different methods for showing this and this has been through a digital clock which half way through a home sitting flashed up green figures and highlighted a day and anniversary for a spirit who was visiting.  The display in green stopped conveying the dial and all of its own put out a month and year of the spirit who was being referenced in the sitting and the loved ones who were there later checked this to verify as the exact birth of the spiritual relative.  There is a deep and somewhat loving atmosphere which takes hold when you sit in a spiritual event where spirit not only touch the external body but also resonate inside and show spirit can visually impact on what you think is impossible.  The laughter or tears come freely as spirit bring humour and care to what they do, say and depict.