Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 9th June 2015.

A physical séance into spirit activity.

When members take part in a physical séance there is an element of not knowing about the investigation.  There is a not knowing of what, if anything, could occur.  There is a not knowing of how activity could be noted, what type of activity will be visual or sensed.

In this recent investigation into physical séance activity there was a lot of unexplained occurrence.  Members noted odd sounds which started in one area of the room and then slowly reports of the sounds were noted from where the sitters were seated, as if someone was walking around tapping on the walls and the chairs.  It was interesting to hear the activity and not be able to see who was causing the noises.

The medium talked of two notable individuals.  There was a man first but a name or information didn’t follow, the female spirit seemed easier to link to and the medium almost smiled as she said this lady is still full of humour.  A spirit who watched over her family and friends, many of them in the United States of America.  This lady was a definitive spirit who tried to bring a smile to many, she had hopes and aims from an early age and these did not always match those of a parent’s for her.  Disputes and passionate exchange was a part of her, sometimes in life she was too quick witted for some individuals.  Her life was not always full of happiness but she went along for the thrill of it.  A comedian, a mother, a friend and a charitable person, her laugh was still heard often… Joan was the name linked to and it is thought that one Joan Alexandra Molinsky, known as Joan Rivers, who was an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and television host noted for her often controversial comedic persona is the spirit who was noted in the physical séance.

Born June 8, 1933, Brooklyn, New York and passed September 4, 2014 the spirit Joan was an intriguing individual to ask questions through the medium and she talked, put thoughts into notable responses.  When asked about her passing she said not to dwell on that, things went wrong and that was life, at least she hadn’t planned for the exact circumstances of her death and she wasn’t about to start cracking up over that ghastly newspaper story.  Live life, as if it is yours to do with what you want.  Don’t worry about the finer points.  Do or Die, live and let live!  People’s opinions weren’t all always what they were intended to be, gossip had its own achievement in life and that was to print stories, give people material to talk about but if you live in the public eye you quickly learn not to take things to heart.

The séance had a few minutes then of a particular smell of perfume, the scent was noted by the members for a little while and then as it was mentioned, noted, it then disappeared.  The unexplained smell was then talked about before the next spirit who was male was linked to as someone who was an actor, a friend, a man who lived a life of unforeseen fortune.  He was a free spirit in that he had ideas ahead of his time.  People loved him in their thousands and his home was not always where he would have liked  for it to be.  Dean Martin was linked to and is the spirit who then appeared to inform the séance about information linking to him.

Interestingly this spirit linked with that of the first lady in that of the anniversaries of their birthdates.  Born June 8 Joan Rivers had a connection to June 7 1917 birthdate of Dean Martin, both closely celebrating their birthdays in spirit.  Dean Martin June 7 1917 and passed December 25 1995, he was a celebrated actor, musical individual and titled man of the movies.  Dean Martin talked of comedy and laughter in spirit.  He was someone who like Joan Rivers appreciated what laughter could do in people’s lives.

Enjoying great success in music, in programmes, in film, television, and on the stage, Dean Martin was less an entertainer than an icon, he was the eternal essence of cool.

Spirit activity which was noted as the second spirit was talked of was hushed voices from the séance in an area where no one was seated.  There was several reports of a partial manifestation of what appeared to be a gentleman.

The séance was interesting.  Anniversaries for birthdates of the two spirits were consecutive on June 7th, June 8th and the séance was held on June 9th!  The two spirits who were talked of, linked to and a point of research were not people you would think of as appearing together but information about them and personal links did seem to show that they had a lot of shared information.  It was of interest to note responses from spirit and to note the physical activity of the séance.