Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 2nd June 2015.

A physical investigation into spirit activity.

The recent physical séance was one which saw a lot of activity and information to be checked.  The members all claimed and referenced a number of odd incidents during the two hours.  After the séance was opened a lot of noises were heard.  These noises were sharp clicks and rapping which seemed to come from someone knocking on the table in front of the sitters, although no one was visibly performing the action, the noises were noted for a twenty minutes.

Spirit lights were seen, these small rounded balls of light are often termed orbs.  The lights were noted around the members in the séance.  Blue orbs were seen clearly and there were two of them, this activity was claimed before an odd white mist appeared and while this was seen sitters also claimed sighting a young boy in the séance.  This lasted for only a few minutes but what was seen was interesting.

A name of Frances was given by the medium as the clicks were heard again in the séance.  There was a name of Frances and a reference to the anniversary of a birth and passing.  A beautiful young lady who was of film and stage, she loved music.   Judy Garland is thought to be the first spirit who was linked to by the medium (born Frances Ethel Gumm; June 10, 1922 – June 22, 1969) she has two anniversaries and was an American singer, actress, and vaudevillian, she was renowned for her vocals.  Garland attained international acclaim which continued throughout a career that spanned over 40 years as an actress in musical and dramatic roles, as a recording artist and on concert stages.  She was respected for her versatility, she received a Juvenile Academy Award and won a Golden Globe Award as well as Grammy Awards and a Special Tony Award.

In the séance one of the members did claim an odd sound of music though no one else could hear this in the séance.  The cracks did get louder and the séance was shocked by how strong the noise was and from an object inside the room, in front of everyone.

The medium spoke of another spirit but this time a male individual, both spirits had something in common and after a while the medium said this was music.  They loved to write or join in music.  The next spirit thought to be in the séance because of the information and noted activity was Wilhelm Richard Wagner 22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883) he was a German theatre director, polemicist.  He was a conductor who is primarily known for his operas (or, as some of his later works were later known, “music dramas”).  In the séance the medium referenced the man of musicians, the date of an anniversary, a German influence, he was a man who accomplished a lot through his music, he could move the soul.  Unlike most opera composers, Wagner wrote both the libretto and the music for each of his stage works.  Initially establishing his reputation as a musician with works which were in the romantic vein of Weber and Meyerbeer, Wagner revolutionised opera through his concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk that is a (“total work of art”), by which he sought to synthesise the poetic, the musical, visual, and dramatic arts, with music subsidiary to drama, and which was announced in a series of essays between 1849 and 1852.  Early on Wagner realised these ideas most fully in the first half of the four-opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung).

It is interesting that two spirits were noted who loved music or the effect it could give.  In the séance amongst the information members were able to listen to two accounts of how music could enhance sentiments, could give a message and how music could shape lives.