Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 11th May 2015.

A séance of comedic moments, hilarity and physical spirit activity.

It was an interesting investigation into spirit activity as the first part of the séance was as unlike the second half as could be, both in terms of the atmosphere and the claimed spirit activity.  As members took to their seats in the already prepared séance room, the investigation was opened officially and the observations began.  It was a quiet half an hour of no noted activity, the objects remained untouched, the temperature the same, none of the sitters noticed anything odd or claimed any sense, smell or visible sightings.  Forty minutes into the séance things started to alter, there was a distinct shift in occurrence.  There was a lot to note and all seemingly at the same time.  The odd little click noises were the first things to be noticed by sitters, the noises came from the inside of the séance and from all around where the sitters were seated.  As this was noted, there was an odd noise as if of an outtake of breath, it was audible to the point that two of the sitters noted it.  None of the sitters could claim responsibility for the noise and it was as loud as if someone had blown out a breath right next to the members, there was no one stood where the noise had come from and interesting that little lights known as orbs were noted in that same area only a few minutes later.

The medium started to talk of a male spirit, a man she could see standing in the corner of the room and the place where all the activity was noted.  A man, the medium said, someone who had shoulder length darker hair, a man who wore silver armoury, a person who stood seriously and with a name of Oliver.  He was Oliver, a man of England and three lands, he led men, he led his life as he thought he should and as he knew would serve the interest of the land he lived in.  He had relations, links to the Kingship of England.  You had to rule with an Iron Fist he said if you wished to be a leader of men, in life one has to be judged by what they do or what they do not do.  Oliver Cromwell 25 April 1599 to 3 September 1658 is the man who is believed is the spirit referred to in the séance.  Oliver Cromwell was a Lord Protector, he was a military leader, he fought in Civil Wars and is both a heroic or a controversy filled man depending on many different individuals.

In the séance Oliver Cromwell seemed to be in the investigation for a few minutes talking through the medium, he was noted just as the Orbs were seen and as the temperature started to turn cool.  The medium said she could see a lot of men gathered around the male spirit.  The coolness of the room was extreme.  Members watched as odd white lights were seen in the séance, the lights were strange as they would appear and then not be seen within seconds.  Voices were noted and whispers as if someone was talking in the séance but there was no explanation as for who was doing the talking or what was being said.  The voices were intriguing as they were heard by the sitters for a few minutes and before the medium talked of the male spirit who thanked the séance for having him and left.

There were a few minutes before the medium spoke of another male spirit, a man who different from the first was laughing in his image.  A smiling man was referred to, a man who liked to hear people laughing, he was born to do it, a man who had been with a partner and a like minded individual.  Two minutes in and reports started to come in from the members, one of the sitter’s seats had been kicked or seemed to move as if it had been lightly kicked on the legs, the sitter actually felt the move and shifted in their seat, there was one sitter who felt a tap on their head and one member in a different part of the séance who claimed an urge to laugh.  There were lots of references to stages and acting.  The medium said there was a male, he came through with the words I’ve the name of a President but the heart of a Comic.  It’s me, he said your old friend, your wise guy without the wisdom, your man of the stage.  Arthur Stanley Jefferson (16 June 1890 – 23 February 1965), is the one who is thought to be the spirit of the séance, he was better known by his stage name Stan Laurel, was an English comic actor, writer and film director, most famous as Laurel of comedic duo Laurel and Hardy – Hardy being Oliver Hardy.  It is odd and interesting that one notes the spirit refers to his name as of a President and that his real name linked to that of Jefferson.

Laurel began his career in the British music hall, from where he took a number of his standard comic devices: the bowler hat, the comedic act, the deep comic gravity, and the nonsensical understatement and he was as the spirit claimed arguably born into a stage life where his childhood was fun and full of acting.  His performances polished his skills at pantomime, music hall sketches and how to get the audience to laugh.  Laurel was a member of “Fred Karno’s Army,” this is where he was Charlie Chaplin’s understudy.   The two arrived in the US on the same ship from Britain and travelled with the Karno troupe.

In the séance the spirit smiled a lot, the medium kept smiling at him, he was to have a birthday she said and he was happy to talk to the séance about a life full of ambitions not always fulfilled but it is what you do in life which is important not what you do not do.  We live in line with what is planned for us, he said, I am sure no one to stand in the way of what life has to be and if it is fun and enticing then hey that’s the life for a me.  Laurel in life went into films in the US, with his acting career stretching between 1917 and 1951, and from “silents” to “talkies.”  His acting included a starring role in the film The Music Box (1932).

In 1961, Laurel was given a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award for his pioneering work in all that he had done in comedy.  He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7021 Hollywood Blvd and in the séance he laughed as he spoke of that film street.  In a 2005 UK poll to find The Comedians’ Comedian, Laurel and Hardy ranked top among best double acts and were seventh overall.  In 2009, a bronze statue of the duo was unveiled in Laurel’s hometown of Ulverston, and this is in Cumbria.

The séance was an interesting investigation full of what seemed to be unexplained activity and researchable links.  I found it strange that both spirits referred to the same message of what one does in life that is important as both Oliver Cromwell and Stan Laurel stated this, two people who you would not link together or think of as having the same message.  The séance was of interest as it linked to points, dates and information which was subtle and easily validated.