Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 21 April 2015.

A list of activity which took place at the recent physical séance included:

Blue orbs – the blue orbs which were noted were large disks of light which were seen for a duration of ten to fifteen seconds.

Apparition and noises coinciding – Two particular incidents where shapes were seen, a misty white appearance was visible and as these were being noted noises of taps and metallic sounds were noted by sitter’s seats within the same time frame as the visible phenomenon.

Voices – There were minutes in the séance when sitters could hear noises.  Sitters and members started listening to these noises from which voices started to become apparent, several male voices appeared to be talking, it is intriguing in the investigation as there were no people located in the area from where the voices were being heard.

Temperature fluctuations – The séance room should be kept at an average temperature as there are no pieces of equipment to alter the temp or any interference from radiators being switched on or off.  In the séance there were several times when the temperature varied to the point of it being noted as possible physical activity.  When spirits were mentioned the first time in the investigation by the medium and sitters the room started to take on a definite chill, it was cold to the point of one becoming uncomfortable, it lasted for a few minutes and then the temperature returned to how it had been within seconds.

Sense of being touched – Near to the end of the séance sitters claimed a sense of being touched or held by someone.  No one was evident as to having performed the action and claims were from sitters who were seated in full view of the rest of the séance.  The claims were of a sense of someone touching their hand.

A physical séance is a time set period where any unexplained physical activity can be noted.  In an investigation of a physical séance these notes can be researched, queried and then used in a document to provide possible suggestions for what could have been seen, heard or sensed in the séance.

In this recent séance there was an interesting link between spirits and the lives they led.  In the séance two spirits were referred to and these were by the medium at different points in the investigation.  Two spirits were talked of and these were of one male, someone with the name of Lord Kitchener.

When one researches the name of Lord Kitchener the gentleman notable for his actions during World War One is the person who is known and referred to at length.  The Lord Kitchener of World War One is a link which does have a connection to the date as it is the anniversary of Gallipoli one of the bloodiest battles in the first World War and an event of which Lord Kitchener was connected to in life.  Setting aside the connection the remaining information which had been referred to in the séance did not link to this gentleman but to another with the same name.

Aldwyn Roberts (18 April 1922 – 11 February 2000), who was better known by the stage name Lord Kitchener (or “Kitch”), was an internationally known calypsonian.  It is odd that both gentlemen notable in history have the same name link and there were more odd coincidences to be found. In the séance the medium talked of a man who loved to perform.  The man was in life surrounded by energy, lots of men and chatter.  He acted as a representative for his home.  The sentence did not seem clear until later when research was made and Aldwyn Roberts was found.  In the séance as physical activity took place, blue orbs were noted in some of the clearest evidence ever seen in the physical séance, the medium talked of the male spirit as a person who achieved a sense of what life meant, he did travel abroad and made people live happier.  Roberts who was born in Arima, Trinidad, the son of a blacksmith, Stephen, and housewife, Albertha.  Aldwyn was educated at the Arima boys’ government school until he was 14, when his father died and he started to think about what his father had encouraged him to do which was to sing and learn to play the guitar, and it was partly for this that he became a full-time musician.  Aldwyn Roberts won the Arima borough council’s calypso competition four times between 1938 and 1942.  He went on to move to London England where he became the important bridge for 5000 first West Indian individuals who also moved to London and had no real connection to their home land.  Aldwyn, through his performances, was the link for a lot of people to the cultural part of their home country.

It is interesting that with the anniversary of Gallipoli one of the bloodiest battles known of in World War One another Lord Kitchener should be noted, it is intriguing that while the spirit was linked to in the séance, the temperature did fluctuate rapidly and notably.  There were unexplained male voices heard and an apparition experienced by the séance.

The female spirit referred to in the séance was of a lady, one Margaret Fontaine as was noted.  She had been a strong spirit both in life and in the séance.  Margaret Elizabeth Fountaine (born 16 May 1862 in Norwich, England, she passed 21 April 1940 in Trinidad), was a lepidopterist, was born in Norfolk, the eldest of seven children of an English country clergyman, Reverend John Fountaine of South Acre parish in East Anglia and is the spirit thought to be that of the female claimed in the séance.  A lot of the information in the séance, referred to for the lady links with that of Margaret Fountaine. In life she was an accomplished natural history illustrator and had a great love, knowledge and link to butterflies.  Both spirits were linked to travelling and Margaret Fountaine was a person who on her travels was someone who was collecting extensively through Europe, South Africa, Tibet, India, America, Australia and the West Indies, publishing numerous papers on her work, she raised many of the butterflies from eggs, producing specimens of great quality, 22,000 of which are housed at the Norwich Castle Museum.  The collection is known as the Fountaine-Neimy Collection.  There are four sketch books of butterfly life-cycles linked with her and are held at the Natural History Museum in London.

It was with this spirit that the physical sense of being touched became an important part of the séance.  It is interesting that the two spirits who were noted together had connections to each other in life.  With Aldwyn Roberts passing at the age of 77 and Margaret Fountaine passing at the age of 78, they had lived a part of their lives in the Port of Spain, Trinidad and it as a location is important for them.  The Port of Spain is the capital of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Aldwyn Roberts lived there, had connections to the name and in 1940, at the age of 78, Margaret Fountain passed there, while collecting, of a heart attack on the slopes of Mount St. Benedict in Trinidad, not only that but was buried in an unmarked grave at Woodbrook Cemetery, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Margaret Fountaine had covered immense distances in her travels, by air, sea, rail, road, on horseback and by foot, Aldwyn also travelled and marked his travels with his own sense of who he was, Margaret was a fearless air traveller, flying from Havana to Santiago in 1931, fortified by sips of brandy – an essential part of her travel gear, her unquenchable spirit enabled her to enjoy the company of a gang of bandits on a Corsican mountainside or speeding along a road in Tenerife crammed into an ancient car with eight young Spaniards.

Aldwyn Roberts and Margaret Fountaine had unique, strong spirits in life.  It is interesting they appeared at the same time in the same séance.

Lord Kitchener (calypsonian).jpg

Pictures are of Aldwyn Roberts and Margaret Fountaine.  Picture is taken from online encyclopaedia.