Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 7th April 2015.

In a physical séance one has to aim to validate all evidence.  Please read on for an extremely interesting séance which linked to two physical mediums and a spiritualist historian for a shocking set of common factors.

The May link, this was an important piece of information for all three of the claimed spirits in the one séance.  All three having an anniversary to a birthday or passing in May and one having a link to May in her name.  Not only did the word may come into the séance in an interesting format, it provided research validation.

The séance started in a darkened room, the objects checked and referenced.  Sitters were sat in the room and there were moments of activity at the beginning of the séance, an odd series of little lights or possible orbs were seen by members.  There was quiet for a few minutes and then a lot of taps were heard on the table in the séance as if someone was knocking on it, this was odd, the medium then referred to a male spirit, a man who was interested in what was occurring.  A young boy was noted at this time as in the séance in spirit, a friend of someone, no one in the sitting could validate this information.  The young boy was described with cap and clothing but still no one could accept knowledge of him until later in the séance when all became apparent.

Arthur Findlay MBE JP (1883 – July 1964) was a writer, he was an accountant, stockbroker and Essex magistrate, as well as a significant figure in the history of the notion of Spiritualism, being a partial founder of the newspaper Psychic News and also a founder of the International Institute for Psychical Research.  This is who is thought was the male spirit in the séance, the man who tapped on the table, he was noted in the séance as the physical noises were heard and the medium referred to information about a man who had a link to May, he was wearing a suit and invested a lot of his life to what he called Spirit activity.  The medium referred to other notable points which were applied to his life, interestingly several of the sitters referred to an image they could see which was of a large building, a séance room and a lot of land.  In his will Arthur Findlay left his home, Stansted Hall, to the Spiritualists’ National Union, it was a building set on a lot of land and is now a main séance investigation point, a college for spiritual investigation and education attended by people from all over the world.  The May does link with 16th May Arthur Findlay O.B.E. birthdate.  In the séance the male spirit talked of Psychic investigation, of looking into reason and phenomena, as this was being stated there were several loud cracks noted around where the sitters were.  In life Arthur Findlay was a Psychic researcher, who thought reason should be applied to almost all areas of life, he was an author and historian.  Psychic phenomena which was then something Arthur Findlay did examine was questioned and questioned until he was able to conclusively write on what he had investigated.

The physical link was important for Arthur Findlay as in research reports of investigations into physical séance and activity are often connected to him.  In the séance there was a few minutes where sitters all had a sense of being watched, one sitter started to talk of Scotland which was odd and something she seemed compelled to do but had no answer for as to why, Arran was a word she referred to and she asked has anyone been to Arran?  This was interesting as while the medium started to refer to a link to another male spirit, it was not at that time known that the information would be linked to that of one John Sloan who was another physical medium and did in his direct voice talk in a Scottish accent and of a place called Arran!

The séance was able to watch as the medium talked of a male spirit, a male who was happy to talk of spirit physical.  The link to physical mediumship continued with the Scottish Physical medium John Sloan.  A medium who was known of in Glasgow, he had been a person who had worked as a shopkeeper and in a warehouse, he was known as someone who accepted no remuneration for any séance he was involved in.  Interestingly in research after the physical investigation it has been noted Sloan’s séance did not have any cabinet in it, a cabinet is an item which is often used in a physical séance as an object of which physical visible phenomena is seen.  In the investigation attended there is no use of a cabinet and this is something which was discussed after the séance.  In the information there was a moment when the name of White was mentioned, the only link found is that of a White Feather who was an American Indian and genial spirit person of whom Sloan was often claimed to be in contact.  It was with Whitey that many reports of physical voice was referred, interestingly it was as this was stated in the séance that physical voice was heard.  There were voices of male talking, this came from one side of the room, that area was unoccupied by any sitter or any possible cause for the voices.  The noise activity was a part of the séance for a few minutes, there was a male voice, in speech but while the murmur could be heard as something definitive there was no precise words.  The medium talked of information in John’s life.  Research shows that his passing was on 24th May 1951 and he did have a connection to Arthur Findlay as he was investigated by J. Arthur Findlay who put his evidence into two classes of A1 and A2 by the standard of the quality of the phenomena.  Examining three of the 180 A1 case communication he states

“An eminent mathematician on calculating the chances of correctly guessing all the facts recorded, answers that to have reached such accuracy, represented the equivalent of 1 to 5,000,000,000,000, in other words the odds were 5,000,000,000,000 to 1 against chance being the explanation.”

Source (with minor modifications): An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Nandor Fodor (1934).

It was interesting that both Arthur Findlay and John Sloan had known each other in life, loved the area of physical mediumship, had a link to May which they talked of, were noted in the séance as people who had a similar séance process to that of the one in which they were claimed, were able to take part in an investigation of spirit physical activity which is the aim for this Blog investigation and were noted only a few minutes from one another.  A notable link is to the young boy who when researching John Sloan did interestingly appear similar to a drawing of a spirit boy who was often talked about by John Sloan in life, he matched his physical appearance and was noted for tapping on objects in a séance.

A white shape was seen by the séance and it looked as if someone was obscured by that of a white cloth.  The medium said the word of Doris, she said May was important for her and that she referred to Questions.  You should ask questions about every part of what you see, the spirit was claimed as saying.  You have to make it clear and apparent, questions should have a primary place in understanding what spirits can demonstrate.

Doris May Fisher Stokes (6 January 1920 – 8 May 1987), born Doris Sutton, was a British spiritualist and a psychic medium, her public performances and demonstration is what she is known for, television appearances and memoirs made her a household name in Britain.

As the female spirit was noted, there were several images of Roses seen not only by the medium but by the sitters.  In research there is a picture of Doris Stokes with a pink Rose by her side, in the séance the spirit referred to this image as her happy second in life, it is with the opening of the self to questions on what spirit is that like a flower the investigation of spirit will grow, you have to water the flower in time and you in life have to question what your finding is, if looked after correctly the flower will open and be apparent for all to see, just as in the investigation of spirit if questioned and investigated as it should be evidence will be apparent for all parts of public view.

The May link to all three was interesting, there was a reference to small shop and in life both John Sloan was a small shopkeeper and Doris Stoke’s father was a small shopkeeper, the spirit visitation of three like minded people, two physical mediums and one physical investigator was intriguing and the timing of when physical activity was noted as and when spirit were in communication did astound the sitters, it was well recorded, researched and notable by what was seen, heard and sensed.

Information on Arthur Findlay and John Sloan can be noted at http://website.lineone.net/~enlightenment/john_sloan.htm