Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 3rd March 2015.

The séance of births, passing and an interesting event which could have altered the course of English life for centuries.

A physical séance is where members can actively observe any unexplained actions.  The actual séance last sat was an intriguing two hour period where we as sitters and investigators could note information, activity and a whole list of unexplained incidents.

At first the séance was sat in the dimly lit room, there was a few reports of blue orbs but unlike on other occasions there was just the one odd blue light which while everyone sat could note it, there were no formations of blue lights.

There was a definite point when the sense of the séance altered, it was about half an hour in when the reports of the clicks were noted.  While members talked there were definitive taps coming from the walls around those who were speaking.  Having noted the cracks happening after a member would physically say something, the activity was watched and when it happened for the third time, a link was established.  Individual sitters would note the crack, an almighty sound, right across the wall and above their head as if something had physically hit the room.  The members started to look at what was being said and it was as spirits were mentioned, or it was asked from the medium if spirits were present, that each time this odd sound activity would occur.

There was odd smells, perfume, men’s cologne and a cigarette smell which came in at different periods in the séance.  There was no reason for there to be those smells as no one in the séance was wearing scents.  The scent would also come and go in an odd pattern.

When something is noted for no apparent reason and then after a few minutes is no longer detected then this is classified as an unexplained activity.  The medium started to refer to a male spirit and a sense of excited anticipation.  There was a male energy who had a sense of original leadership about him, a male who owned properties and ruled, there was a link to an event, a something which took him near to passing but not quite.  A man who had learned a lot in life and had kept referring to 10.  On the day of the tenth of March in 1524, the thirty-two year-old King Henry VIII suffered a jousting accident after he forgot to lower his visor in a joust against Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.  King Henry VIII does offer a possible link to the leadership and the male spirit who ruled.

Tudor chronicler, Edward Hall, gives the following account of the accident:

In the account there is an informative reference to the day of the tenth of March when that of Henry VIII having a new harness (armour) specified to his own fashion requirements thought to put to test the tilt of the new harness and so set a joust in which to investigate how good the armour was.

It was not known by the other party involved in the joust that Henry VIII had not put down his visor and had his face completely bare to the onslaught of the attack.  It was too late to be noted but at the very last few minutes people who noticed that Henry VIII had no visor in place cried out to Hold on, Hold on but it was not said in time and the attack went on with the knock from the blow sensed as it struck the King on the brow, right under where the defence of the headpiece should be, it hit on the very skull and there was a lot of shock at what the incident could have meant.  The whole event took place on the 10th March only a few days from that when the séance sat.  In fact splinters covered the head gear of the King showing how near the impact had been but there was no serious injury, it was arguably a life event for him.  The jousting accident was not as serious as the one Henry suffered on 24th January in 1536 but it was something which could have altered the timeline of England.

The medium in the séance spoke of another lady, a beautiful persona who had a birthday recently, she had not increased in age but the celebrations had gone on spirit side.  The medium referred to the beautiful smell, which sitters could also pick up, the lady had who had in life had links to films, the spirit referenced images of jewels and a vivid green dress.

After research it is thought that Dame Elizabeth RosemondLizTaylor, DBE (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) was a British-American actress and the spirit in the séance.  Although she was referred to in the last séance to this one, there are a few overlaps which do point to her as being a possible link for the séance information again.  From her early years as she worked with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood.  As one of the world’s most famous film stars, Taylor was recognized for her acting ability and for her glamorous ability to live in a lifestyle which helped her to stand out, she had loves for her material possession, her beauty was often referred to as was her image in that of the green dress talked of in the séance, and distinctive were her dark blue eyes, which famously appeared to be noted as violet.

The spirit had referred to her films in the séance, National Velvet (1944) was Taylor’s first success, and she also starred in Father of the Bride (1950), she was in A Place in the Sun (1951), in Giant (1956), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), and Suddenly, Last Summer (1959).

Dame Elizabeth Taylor won the Academy Award for Best Actress for Butterfield 8 (1960), she played the title role in Cleopatra (1963), and married her co-star Richard Burton.  Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton appeared together in all of 11 films, including Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), Taylor also won a second Academy Award for that latest film.  It was from the mid-1970s, she appeared less frequently in film, and made occasional appearances in television and also in theatre roles.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was an inspirational lady by all accounts, many of the researched pieces state her as allocating time for fund raising, helping to gain awareness for important causes and instigating life plans to help those who need it.  Taylor championed HIV and AIDS programs; she also co-founded something known as the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985, and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in 1991.  The Presidential Citizens Medal, the Legion of Honour, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute were presented to her, and Dame Elizabeth Taylor was named as seventh on their list of the “Greatest American Screen Legends”.  In life Dame Elizabeth Taylor passed from congestive heart failure in March 2011 at the age of 79, having suffered many years of ill health.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor only recently last week had the anniversary of her birthday but her date of passing is in that of this month.

Henry Wilde (1833 – 28 March 1919) who was a wealthy individual from Manchester, England and who used his self-made fortune to take forward his interest in electrical engineering is thought to be the last spirit noted in the séance.  The medium spoke of a male spirit, one man Wilde, he was someone who had a lot of energy and technical aids in life.  As this spirit was talked of, there were the cracks again, there was a cool sense which appeared while he was talked of and a number of reports from sitters about a ticking sound which could be noted.  Henry Wilde who as with Dame Elizabeth Taylor has an anniversary for passing this month, many years back invented the dynamo-electric machine, self-energising dynamo, an invention for which Werner von Siemens is also more usually linked to and credited for independently inventing.  Wilde was the first to publish, his paper was communicated to the Royal Society by Michael Faraday in 1866 and it was that the self-energising dynamo replaces the permanent magnets of previous designs with electro-magnets and in so doing achieved an enormous increase in power.  This machine was considered remarkable at the time, especially since Wilde was fond of spectacular demonstrations, and did enable people to view just what the machine could do.

The séance was an intriguing investigation.  There were lots of minutes where activity was noted and verified as occurring by other members.  There were links in information which did match and an odd set of unexplained reports of visual and physical actions.

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Pics are of Henry VIII and Dame Elizabeth Taylor.  Pics taken from online encyclopaedia.