Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 24th February 2015.

An investigation into the physical activity of a séance is an interesting opportune period to note, analyse and evaluate information.  The time whereby researched links are either validated or refuted is also useful as it provides an overview of the physical séance.

In the last séance there was intriguing events, physical claims of activity from sitters, light phenomena, partial materialisation and claims of what is thought to be a pattern of orb lights.

In the physical séance members were at first quiet in observation of what was to take place.  There was little in the way of activity,  in the dimly lit room members sat and watched as the only light in the séance room flickered.  It was odd for it to do this as there was no reason for the electricity to cause fluctuations to the light.  The light itself is a fully functioning piece of equipment and it has a switch at the rear to turn it on or off.  The physical séance is only allowed the one light as it is claimed that the electrical input of external objects should be at a minimum.  The light is an object which is claimed functions well and without fault at other times but in the séance it did start to flicker and a few minutes after this activity was noted there was a sighting of something odd in the form of a tiny display of what looked to be small blue lights.

The blue lights appeared a few minutes after the light flickered.  It is odd but apparent that on several occasions it is after light fluctuations are noted that other forms of light activity is claimed by members of the séance.  It is more likely that the blue lights are what is claimed by members as apparent and these blue lights, thought to be orbs, only visibly last for a short period of time.  The blue lights of the séance were noted, they were seen by the sitters in a cluster formation.

As the orbs were being noted, the medium spoke of one Leonard.  The medium referred to a male spirit who had been on TV and stage in life.  He was a man who actually in fact was at times shy but worked at making people laugh and had a knack for appearing at ease in numerous humorous ways.  Leonard as he called himself was someone who said he appeared on that little box in people’s view, he was that little man who prattled on and tried to talk up the laughs.  It was interesting as the medium relayed the wording, she also linked to another spirit of a female but she did not have any information for or about her.  Going back to the male spirit she referenced how he talked of friends, the younger generation who sometimes did not know what they were doing, there was so much potential for good in life, but it was up to the mass to do as they think they ought to and live life as if tomorrow was their better today.  After research it is thought that it is Leonard Rossiter (21 October 1926 – 5 October 1984) who was an English actor and of whom was being referred.  He played Rupert Rigsby in the British comedy television series and was noted as having acted in a film Rising Damp.

Ronald William George “RonnieBarker, OBE (25 September 1929 – 3 October 2005) who was an English actor, comedian and a notable writer, was the next individual to be mentioned.  The medium referred to a male spirit who also linked into the laughter element of life.  You have to work to engage your fellow man and you have to trouble yourself a little more to get him to notice that your funny bone can do more than they know.  It’s all in the timing, the spirit said, timing of the laughs is everything.  If you can make your audience laugh at the right moments then you’ve got them for the whole show!  It was interesting to note the reference by the medium to what was being said, the physical sense of the temperature of the room was cooler than what it had been before but there was nothing else claimed until one of the sitters pointed to something which seemed to be occurring at her side.  On noting where she was pointing to it did appear as if there was a white misty looking steam billowing next to her.  It was so slight that at first I did not see it and it was only after a few seconds that I caught the white coloured air getting thicker and there was what appeared to be a few seconds where it looked as if in the middle of the white misty air there was a facial shape to what was being noted.  The whole incident was over in a few seconds.

Interestingly it was in the research after the séance that there is a possible explanation for who the female spirit mentioned earlier in the séance could be.  In putting in the month of when the séance was, when the spirit sighting had been noted and in referring to names as they were found a link came up from the BBC, not only does it refer to a female actress who was linked to both male entities, the two male spirits referenced in the séance, she also has an anniversary of a passing which was not long from that of when the sitting sat.

Pauline Lettice Yates (16 June 1929 – 21 January 2015) was an English actress, she was best known for playing Elizabeth Perrin in the BBC television sitcom The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.  It is this lady who is thought is the one referred to in the séance.

BBC Starring Ronnie Barker – 22 February 2006 Vintage comedy with Ronnie Barker, featuring material from Lines from My Grandfather’s Forehead. With Terence Brady, Pauline Yates and Gordon Langford (piano).  This reference from that of BBC archives shows that Pauline Yates was featured with that of Ronnie Barker and the anniversary date of the show is only two days from that of when the séance sat.

 Dame Elizabeth RosemondLizTaylor, DBE (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) who was a British-American actress and is known as a personal best friend of Jackson.  From her early years as a child star with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood and she is one of the world’s most famous film stars, Taylor was recognized for her acting ability in life and for her glamorous lifestyle, beauty, and distinctive dark blue eyes, which are noted as famously distinct as they appeared to be violet.  It is interesting as it is a Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor link as today after having done the research, when I am writing this blog is the actual Birthday anniversary for Elizabeth Taylor.  The links to that of Jackson, to the birthday and the images noted in the séance do seem to link with this reference.

The séance was of interest to me as it not only linked to actual physical action which could be noted, validated by other sitters and referenced, it was an opportune time to note what was referenced and look into possible explanations for what was noted.

Taylor, Elizabeth posed.jpg

Pic is of Elizabeth Taylor.  Pic is taken from online encyclopaedia.