Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 17th February 2015.

A physical séance is a timely opportune period in which to investigate any claimed spirit activity.  It is in that of a physical séance that one, as an investigator, can note any activity which occurs and if there are any possible explanations for it, one can refer to several views of activity, note if there are any correlations in responses or references and evaluate the overall effect of a séance on levels of activity and member’s claims.

It is in the first part of this recent séance that a lot of activity was noted.  Mainly smells were reported, this type of phenomena, was referred to by several of the sitters.  Members were about ten minutes into the séance when there was a distinct smell of perfume.  It was a lady’s perfume and quite a specific smell which many of the sitters could note.  It is interesting that there was no means for the smell to have come from the room as none of the sitters were allowed to wear such scents and there was nothing placed in the room which could have set off the perfume.  Outside the room there was no possible incident or way for the perfume to have come in and its appearance and disappearance was intriguing.  The perfume reports were noted in and around the medium sensing claimed spirit information.  The medium had started to talk about a two or three spirit individuals.  It was as she linked to the spirits and was about to refer to who she could sense that she started to speak about the cold, it was a temperature only the medium could sense, as no one else in attendance could sense the cool temperature but that was when the reports were noted about the smell.  It is interesting that as the medium claimed that the spirits were stepping back, the smell also did get lessened.  Personally the smell did cross the room and while it was smelt by the sitters I could verify that it was strong to the point of being smelt from my side of the room.  The timing of the smell was interesting.

At several moments in the séance the medium did refer to her sense of the cool, of spirits who stepped back into the séance and as they did she referred to who they were and their attitudes to life.  This linking to the sense of someone else as performed by the medium is termed clairsentient evidence.

The smells were interesting as the séance were able to note the activity as three spirits were referred to by the medium.

Blue lights were noted by several of the sitters.  While visual appearance of the blue lights is not odd, regularly in a physical séance, at definitive points there are reports of this type of sighting.  The blue lights have been noted at interesting times in the investigation, just as information on spirit is talked of or as a physical activity is to take place.  The blue lights in the séance were noted in and around parts of the room.  One of the sitters was placed interestingly at the heart of several of the claims.  The blue lights were noted around one side of the sitter’s face.  Some of the blue lights were less bright than the others but the lights all had the blue colour in common and for a few seconds the reports were all focused on how the lights were showing up in twos and threes.

The medium referred to the three spirits again as the séance went further on, she linked to a gentleman who was handsome, and loved to celebrate his birthday with the friends at his side, the spirit referred to his birthday as having passed recently and he was a man who had started to act rather as a reason for something else, a cause to forget and to focus on life.  He was an actor in films for screen and he worked for MGM.  His life was, for the majority what he wished it to be, there is always reason to live for those you love he said and before you know it you are taken over by the work, the little bits of life that take you slowly from the side of loved ones.  You have to take time in life to take time out, to be with loved ones and know what is important in life.  The spirit talked of the birthday he had and the thanks for friends.  It is after research thought that one Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960) was an American film actor, often referred to as a staple of Hollywood and the spirit referred to in the séance.  Gable began his career as a stage actor and appeared as an extra in silent films between 1924 and 1926, and it is thought this is why he said in the physical séance that his acting life had not been entirely planned.  Gable progressed to supporting roles with a few films for MGM in 1931 and several of the titles of his films were referred to in the séance.  Gable landed his first leading Hollywood role and became a leading man in more than 60 motion pictures over the next three decades.

The next part of the séance did cause a lot of intrigue as there were many reports of what was seen, heard and sensed.  One of the sitter’s did remark that she had an experience as if someone or something run over her foot, it was on questioning her about it, that she was able to refer to it as a strong experience.  It was as if a small foot was walking quickly over the top of hers and it was as she referred to it that the medium had separately said there was a little girl spirit responsible for this, one who was noted in a lot of this type of physical séance, her name was Peggy.  In research it is noted that historically it was that in many of Helen Duncan’s circles a little girl was noted with the name of Peggy.

There was the energy of a little girl talked of and it was as this was noted that the medium had another link to that of a girl in spirit, Shirley Temple who passed on February 10, 2014 was an American film and television actress, singer, dancer and public servant in life.  The medium referred to the fact she had a link to the séance as a result of the other little girl.  She had an anniversary or a reason to want to come through date wise, she strongly linked to the month and to the image of a little girl.  The medium then went into the third piece of information and linked to a man who loved to laugh.  Normi, she said and smiled, it was as if someone had turned a cool air switch on as the room grew so cold all the while that the medium linked to the gentleman.  Iran, he referred to as a place he had visited, he loved the life of laughter and to lighten someone’s heart was to lighten their soul.  If you help someone to laugh, you increase their life, you are allowed a little look into who they are and as the medium talked she said he was someone who had an anniversary link and a loved approach to life.  A man of TV, film and stage, he informed a little about who he was, in research it is thought the spirit of the male was a Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, OBE (4 February 1915 – 4 October 2010) he was an English actor, comedian and singer-songwriter best known for a series of comedy films and for his ability to cause laughter.

Faces were noted in the séance.  It was as the spirit of Sir Norman Wisdom was talked of that several of the sitters pointed to an odd light, a shape which seemed to come into view at the side of one of the member’s.  It was almost like a reflected look at their face, although it was positioned a little lower to where their face was and it looked older but it was a lady’s face and similarly sized.

The face and the coldness did leave the sight and sense of the sitters as the medium finished talking of the last spirit.  It was an interesting séance, one which had visual, sense and physical links.

The questions of how the face could have appeared, where the smell came from and why it lasted as the spirit was being referred to were all investigated as was the cause for the blue lights, for the coolness, for the odd senses and claims of spirit activity but there was no possible obvious signs or reasons for why what happened did.

Clark Gable - publicity.JPG

Photographs are of Clark Gable and Sir Norman Wisdom.  Pictures are taken from online encyclopaedia.