Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 1oth February 2015.

Happy Valentine’s Day and A possible Happy Birthday Oliver Reed séance!

The activity investigated and noted in this account is what occurred in that of a physical séance, in front of members, noted in real time of when it occurred. The sitting was quiet at first, there was a ten minute period in which no activity occurred, the members did not report anything as having happened until an odd light was noted as appearing near to one side of the séance room.  The light was long as if stretched out of shape from one corner of the top of the room to the other.  White and bright it lit up that part of the room and lasted for a few seconds.  It was not a long amount of time in which to note the light phenomena but it was interesting that it occurred as tapping noises also came from another part of the séance.  The medium talked of a male spirit in the séance, he was a man who had a certain loving link to that of how he was known, he knew that people recognised him out on the street and it was of interest to him that recently an anniversary of his has passed.  It was with an initial of L and the name Larry he was linked to, he worked with people for a lot of his life and tried to make people laugh.  He was a funny man at heart.  He referred to J as an initial and stated there was an anniversary for him.  It was important that he made people laugh, it was the years of laughter which helped him in his life and gave him a reason to live.  It is through research thought that it was one Larry Grayson 31 August 1923 to 7 January 1995 who was the spirit in the séance.  His anniversary date of passing does match with both the reference to the letter J and in that is not long having passed from that of when the séance sat.

With taps occurring on the walls and creaking of feet walking in and around the seats of members, there was a lot of noises, for a period there seemed to be noises all around the room.  There was no means of the noises occurring because of any items in the séance as everything was checked prior to, while the séance was in process, and at the end.  There should not have been anything occurring outside of the séance and there was no explanation for the type of noises which the séance heard.

Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias, DBE (18 May 1919 – 21 February 1991), was the next spirit to be noted in the séance.  Margaret, was said by the medium in the physical séance, Margaret and then as the séance continued she said she was a Margot and a ballerina in life, there were lots of images of dancers, dressed in ballet dresses.  The spirit in the séance spoke of her life and loves, she was one who learnt a lot about life through her profession.  Lessons learnt she used in life and tried to be the best she could be.  While the medium was talking about the lady Margot there was a definite coolness around where the sitters were, there were many claims from sitters who were shocked by the onset of the cold and personally I could verify that I sensed the coolness.  Dame Margot Fonteyn de Arias was widely regarded as one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of all time, information on her life reports she spent her entire career as a dancer with The Royal Ballet, eventually being appointed Prima Ballerina Assoluta of the company by Queen Elizabeth II.  In the séance, the female spirit, spoke of Valentine’s.  The spirit asked Have you seen my contribution to all that sets the heart a fluttering?  While this was a remarked reference not understood in the séance, it was noted, and in research this possible link was found in the Telegraph newspaper of 13 February 2014, the anniversary of the same day last year.  Out of a dusty BBC vault, the newspaper reports that in this revealed moment comes a magical monochrome gift for Valentine’s Day.  The Sleeping Beauty waited 100 years to be woken by her prince; and it was Margot Fonteyn, as Princess Aurora, it is that she has had to endure another 55 years in the archives before the moment when she is kissed by Michael Somes, her Royal Ballet partner and could be reunited with the rest of her performance.  Fonteyn’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty was specially staged for the BBC, it was broadcast in December of that year, but thanks to the mislabelling of some film cans, Act II was thought to have been lost.  It is in the age of instant gratification, when a Google search can reunite us with a half-forgotten picture or lyric in milliseconds, there is something to be treasured in seeing such a precious work of art resurrected in this way.  It is this link which is interesting and refers to the spirit séance.

The last part of the séance was of interest to me as it included a full material form.  For a few minutes there was a man, or particularly an outline of a white shape, it was seen near to one side of the séance.  It looked in size as to what a man’s shaping should be but there was no features to note.  The man outline was in white light and was noted just as the medium talked of one Oliver Reed.  The medium referenced the spirit she was seeing, twice she spoke up about noting the man’s face, primarily she looked intrigued as she tried to find out information about who he was.  It was on the second attempt she referred to recognising the spirit was a man who had a past which was troubled.  A life in film, a life with a lot of troubled almost difficult relationships at times.  He was a lover of arts, of cigarettes, (it was interesting as at this point in the investigation one could smell cigarettes) he was stated by the medium as a man too fond of a moment or two in the ale house and knew his friends in a way which left him questioning how well he had treated those who mattered to him.  Oliver, the medium, said kept stating that it was important he was written about in this séance.  Robert Oliver Reed (13 February 1938 – 2 May 1999) was an English actor.  Reed was known as someone who exemplified his macho image in “tough guy” roles.  It is that on this day that the blog account of what occurred in the séance is being written about is on the Birthday anniversary of Oliver Reed.  This may account for why he was persistent in asking for him to be noted in writing for that séance.

It was an interesting séance.  A séance which did have elements which once investigated were difficult to find explanations for as to why they happened.  Larry Grayson, Dame Margot Fonteyn and Oliver Reed all had connections to anniversary or important dates in and around the month of February.  Oliver Reed, who had his anniversary to a birthday today, not only was noted when a material form was seen but also he was referred to when a scent was strongly noted by the members in the séance.  The séance was of interest, as activity was noted, physical reference to people was claimed and could not be explained.  The loving link to that of the arts, spoken of by Oliver Reed and the research noted on Dame Margot Fonteyn is an interesting link to that of what occurred in the séance and a timely link to that of Valentine’s Day.