Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 6th January 2015.

In this New Year I would like to talk a little in this blog about what spirit sighting can be, how it can be taken as evidence and what investigating spirit can be about.  Many people who have an encounter from spirit seem to have a message or a form of activity from a loved one and it can mean a loving relationship reunited as both partners pass on to the other side and provide information of themselves from spirit.  Spirits do often refer to names of loved ones in messages and to individual references of tasks, events or incidental stories which have occurred recently for someone they have feelings for or to who feel affection towards.  It is in these phrasings, musings and loving sentimental links that one is provided a little view of what emotion means to someone and how different it can be for people.  Affection is a sense which does emotionally tie one person to aspects in their life, to people, to places and sometimes it is with this same loving link that spirit evidence information can pertain to their passing, to who they met and how they live spirit side.

The idea of an after, a spirit side or a life after death is something that causes much debate and intrigue.  A romancing of the ideal of spirit and what they are is something that one can often note in literary accounts or myth.  I have been able to witness several accounts of spirits linking to loved ones with information on who they were in life and how importantly they still note their relationship to people this side of life and I have pondered a little on what spirits have evidenced about the relationships they have and what this means.

Is a sense of affection a display of concern from a beloved wife to that of her husband, in her reference as to what pills he is taking and to how his doctor’s appointment went only that morning, is it when a husband drops by to talk to his wife about their little boy who has not talked since the date of his accident when he passed to spirit and his reference as to how best to help his little boy become himself again, or is it when a husband jovially aids his wife look back on all the laughs they have had together, on the good days and the not so good, or is spirit affection all of the above?

In participating in a séance one is able to look, to listen and to investigate activity from spirit.  The activity can be about people, the spirit of individuals who aim to communicate through physical action, it can be the messages of relations or friends to members this side or it can be people who from spirit had a passionate loving sense of who they were or what they did and through their evidence try to link to their loves in life.

It is important to remain objective and even in an instance of a loving link, no matter how sentimental, one has to view the romancing of spirit as an instant of information which should be validated and verified.  It is spirits who refer, reference and aim to link with a loved one and at times in one’s investigation these eventful messages can come in forms which do astound or cause one to question how something is possible.

It is in the not knowing that one aims to question and to answer the complexities of life.  It is in the idea of answering our own inner questions on death that one survives the day to day and will research and look through investigations into spirit with an aim to disprove or understand.

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle KStJ, DL (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930) was someone who investigated what spirit claims were.  He was a Scottish writer and physician, he in life was most noted for his fictional stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, which are considered historical achievements in the field of crime fiction.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was one such individual who in life led with a passionate approach to investigating what the idea of spirit meant.  Did spirit exist in an actual physical sense or a scientific one?  Sir Conan Doyle studied the concept of spirit at a time when the romancing of the idea of spirit was common, it was easily felt that if claims of spirit activity were noted there had to be mythical or fanciful links which could explain the visions and there would be public ideas which categorically stereotyped the individual and the type of phenomenon which was claimed to have been experienced or investigated.  This type of stereotype did categorise what spirit investigation did mean at the time and the process of spirit investigation is something which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did work on trying to make more accessible and understood through sitting in investigations and aiming to record the results.

In our blogs regarding our séance investigations we aim to view any occurrence of activity from spirit, to note what happens and if there is any explanation for it, to research any names or information given from spirit and to ensure that spirit presence or claims of spirit are investigated.

Whether you are a sceptic, a person who is interested in what spirit is or someone who is not sure, our séance investigations are intriguing to all and on many occasions there has been unexplained evidence which has shocked even ourselves!