Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 2nd December 2014.

A séance often will cause people to think of members sitting around a table, holding hands and chanting in an attempt to invite spirit presence, spook filled concepts of a séance are generally widely accepted but in fact an investigation into a physical séance is far more science based and far less stereotypical.

A physical séance is a specific type of séance where physical proof of spirit is needed.

An investigation into a physical séance is an examination of what occurs during a time set séance and explanations will be investigated into as reasons for why activity has been noted.  Information attained in the séance will be researched and the means for how the information has been provided will also be investigated.  Any noted claimed spirit incident will be checked and the results will be overviewed.

In the séance if some activity occurs it will be noted, the timing of it, the location and the reason for why it has occurred will all be investigated.  Two minutes in and the sitting was reporting a temperature of something quite different to what had been felt only moments earlier as the séance had started.  With a cool distinct wet sense to the room, the séance noted tap noises as if someone was walking around the seats of members and then the name of Richard III was stated by the medium, he was present she stated and in the séance.  Richard III as you may note was something of an example in the recent finding of the physical séance as it was that in a circle to have sat the spirit of one Richard III was noted and it was with his information that he referred to a news breaking account of his life which would soon be seen, only three days on from that sitting, on the BBC News it was said that the remains of Richard III had been found in the United Kingdom.  Richard III (2 October 1452 to 22 August 1485) was King of England from 1483 until his death in 1485 in the Battle of Bosworth Field, in the séance York was mentioned by him several times and a female spirit was noted along side him.  A beautiful lady dressed in a deep scarlet dress, she stood at Richard’s side and the medium referred to a lot which happened in her life when she was only a little girl.  Anne was the reference made as Richard III went along in his speech to the séance.  It is thought Anne of York (2 November 1475 to 23 November 1511) was the spirit talked of as she was born in the Palace of Westminster, London, as the fifth daughter of King Edward IV of England and his wife, Elizabeth Woodville, she was linked to Richard III.

Anne of York, in life, had to make important decisions.  It was the female role of Anne who was to link countries, to tie the politics of nations together and to live as a female example.

Richard III kept linking to the spirit of Anne via the medium in the séance.  Anne’s commemorated birth date and passing are both represented as being a short time from the séance.

Séance actions noted from spirit are all referred to by how, when and what is detected.  The timing of incidents is important as it could be an explanation for why an event is linked to or to why information is referred.

It was noted that the spirit information in that séance did alternate between a spirit and a person they would like to refer to, the séance itself was warm one minute and cool the next in an impossibly short time members were warm and then cold.  Blue orbs were noted by almost all the sitters.  These were noted as the name of H was stated, an actress with a kind face, Hattie the medium spoke of and her love for acting in life.

Hattie Jacques was the spirit it is felt from research matched with that of the informed of links in the séance.  Her life it was found out was based for a long time only a short way from that of where the investigation into spirit was held.

Hattie Jacques (born Josephine Edwina Jaques; 7 February 1922 to 6 October 1980) was an English comedy actress of the stage, radio and screen. She is best known as a regular of the comedic films, where she typically played strict, no-nonsense characters, but was also a prolific television actress who loved to play roles to a wide population and she was a radio performer.

Jacques started her career in 1944 with an appearance at the Players’ Theatre in London, but came to national prominence through her appearances on three highly popular radio series.  She was on the BBC: with Tommy Handley on It’s That Man Again; with ventriloquist Peter Brough on Educating Archie; and then with Tony Hancock on Hancock’s Half Hour.  It was in the séance that links were referred to by the female spirit to a husband figure.  The séance felt cooler than moments earlier as taps came in to the room but this time the noises were heard inside and on the door to the séance.  There was no reason as for why what occurred did and the time did link to that of certain members feeling and speaking out on the feeling of their hair being stroked.  After the Second World War Jacques made her cinematic debut in Green for Danger, in which she had a brief, small uncredited role and from 1958 to 1974 she appeared in 14 Carry On films, playing various roles including the formidable hospital matron.  It was on television she had a long professional partnership with a man called Eric Sykes, with whom she co-starred in his long-running series Sykes and Sykes and a… The role had endeared her to the public and the two became staples of British television.

In the séance the spirit of the female actress was noted as concerned about her husband, her maternal aspects as a mother.  She referred to being a mother and a wife.

In private, Jacques led what was thought as a turbulent life. She was married to someone by the name of John, a name she spoke about in the séance, there were strong feelings for the man John.  In life he was the actor John Le Mesurier from 1949 until their divorce in 1965, a separation caused by her five-year claimed relationship with another man. Jacques, who had been overweight since her teenage years, suffered some ill-health soon after the separation from Le Mesurier and her weight rose to nearly 20 stone (130 kg). She died of a heart attack on 6 October 1980, at the age of 58.

It is interesting as in the séance mediums had experienced and claimed a sharp pain in their chests and had spoken of someone they thought could have been suffering with a chest complaint, this came in through the investigation.

John Le Mesurier (pron. “measurer”, born John Elton Le Mesurier Halliley ; 5 April 1912 to 15 November 1983) was an English actor and he was the man of whom Hattie, spoke of with lots of love.   It is of interest that John’s reference in commemorated passing date is not long from when the séance was investigated and his place of passing after research is positioned only a fifteen minutes from where the séance was.

The research on both Anne and John was something of which to note as they were seen in the séance but also had a place in the investigation as loving referrals of which other spirits linked to, it was in the aim to historically validate who they were many links were located.