Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 21 October 2014.

A physical séance is an investigation into the physical evidence of claimed spirit activity.  The investigation is based on two hours of collectively noted evidence…

In the recent séance there was a definitive theme led link to that of Halloween.  It was interesting as at the beginning of the sitting members had been focused on the activity which was in the noise depiction of audible walking in the séance.  Members reported hearing the walking all around the séance and where the attendees were sitting.  It was about a half an hour into the sitting and with no explanation for the noise the investigation continued…

Reports of the noises were still noted by the attendees well into the first hour of the séance and added to the noise of someone walking in the séance was the creaking which had started all around what should have been a quiet séance room.  It did appear for a ten minute period as if the walls were being pounded and then on asking if anyone of the mediums in attendance could add information on what was happening or if they had depicted anything, one claimed that a number of female spirits had joined the séance.  Two were not known at that point but one had started to approach the medium and spoke of her name in lights, Elizabeth she had introduced herself to the gathering as and she started to talk about her link to Cleopatra.  Elizabeth Taylor Dame Elizabeth Rosemond “Liz” Taylor, DBE February 27, 1932 to March 23, 2011 was a British-American actress and had performed as Cleopatra in the month of October which was the same in timing as when the séance sat.

The creaking and noises had still been noted even as the first spirit was talked of and it was straight away that members began picking up on shadows on the walls and these were of witch like figures.  While there were several shadows during the séance cast from objects in the room, it has to be noted, two particular shapes did appear very odd and looked as it was claimed by the members as if a witch was painted in dark light on that wall.  It did not last and as that part of the wall became darker one of the mediums started to refer to the two female spirits of earlier.  One was another Elizabeth a medium said, a lady who had also loved to be noted by something she had done and it was with her that a baby boy could be seen.  The female had looked so happy and had given a name of Samantha, the medium said she was not sure which of the names in Elizabeth or Samantha were referred to her and then she noted that the spirit had laughed when the members had talked of the witch likened shape on the wall.  It was a link which was researched as was the name of Samantha.  Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery April 15, 1933 to May 18, 1995 was an American film and television actress whose career spanned five decades and in life she was one Samantha Stephens who starred in Bewitched as a witch.  It did link what was reported in the séance to the information.  One further point which was noted was that Elizabeth Montgomery had a little boy Robert Asher on October 5, 1965.  In the séance a name was not linked to the other female spirit but red was seen in a flash in the séance around where the medium had depicted the spirit was.  The red the medium had attributed to something in the lady’s appearance.  The lady had been in the same tv programme as Elizabeth and she knew her in life and in spirit, the medium was keen for the spirit to do something in the séance.  Having asked for spirit activity it was a few minutes in when a noise came as if something had been slammed shut and then a different noise came from a different part of the séance and this one was not clear as to what it could have been.  The other lady spirit had been linked in life to religious symbols and the medium reports were based on religious elements to the point where she had thought that the female spirit had been something to do with religion.  It is not definite but it is felt that Agnes Robertson Moorehead December 6, 1900 to April 30, 1974 was the spirit in the séance.  She was an American actress whose career of more than three decades had led her to Bewitched where she would have known of Elizabeth and could be a link to why she was seen with that spirit.  She had been known in Bewitched for her famously styled red locks and she had also been in an TV programme in an episode called the Shadows on the Wall in which with a ghostly atmosphere Agnes was a lady who herself kept sighting scary shadows on the wall which was apt in consideration of the reports from the members of activity which had been noted in the séance.  The more interesting information about her included her life before she was in radio or tv and came from her life as a child linked to religious figures and religious views in the form of her family’s ties to religious faith.

The séance had linked to several strong female individuals and they all had a shared connection to tv and roles which had carved their reputation out as someone who led and took on roles which were historical and went on to be known inherently by people.

The séance was split in two parts.  The beginning of the séance was of interest as activity was noted but it was the latter stage which linked two spirit to life and something they had both done.  It was an intriguing investigation, one which did seem filled with active presence and information.  While there was no other reports of temp difference or lights in the form of an orb sighting, the active period of noise was something which lasted for a while and was something which could be linked to the sighting of shadows and information on the three spirits.