Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 14 October 2014.

As I am writing this blog I am considering the activity which was observed in that of our most recent investigation into a physical séance…

Does spirit presence as it is claimed occur and is it definable or verifiable in a séance?

It is of interest that certain activity did appear in the séance and it was something that everyone could note.  Activity is something that as an investigator is of interest as it is a measured physical link which can be visually referenced.  If something is noted visually in a séance members can all note and verify it.  If it is unexplained activity there is an opportune time at the end of the séance to reason what has been noted and to verify if there is any possibility of why it should have been or how and there is then a discussion of what has been noted as an activity and if it could have been spirit linked.

As the séance was opened a number of things were noted by sitters.  Q and R as it is termed in the séance is when members put Questions out to claimed spirit in a sitting and  note a Response which is heard, felt, seen or sensed in a physical action.  After many report claims from sitters of orb lights which were being noted in the low lit room sitters started the Q and R.  Questions were put to spirit as to if anyone was present could they please note their presence with action in or around where members were sat.  A few minutes later and the response was felt as the seats started to shudder.  George Best was the name link one of the mediums reported.  A man who has loved his sport and been recognised by media publicity.  The medium went into who she could note and that this man was someone who had children this side of life.  His sport was the link he referenced.  He was active in the séance and he knew that October was a month which he would have noted.  In research it was George Best 22 May 1946 to 25 November 2005 who was linked to information from the séance.  Cromwell was mentioned and at first sitters linked this to Oliver Cromwell.  A footballer who would live to let many know of his love of the sport, he had connection to October as it was … On 3 October 2005 Best was admitted to intensive care at the private Cromwell Hospital in London.  It is noted that the Cromwell link which was talked of in the spirit information was the name of the hospital and not a person.

The séance was filled with claims of activity as the light of the room turned on and off.  The medium started to link to another spirit who she said had a publicly known image.  Someone who loved to make people laugh.  He had a link to someone in the séance who had loved his show in life.  He had been a man who had lots of interests and was linked to his loves in spirit.  As the medium talked she kept holding on to her chest where her heart was and she said it felt like stabs of pain were going through her as she looked at the spirit and that this was a sense he would have had in life.  October the male spirit talked of and the end of October.  Francis Alick “Frankie” Howerd OBE 6 March 1917 to 20 April 1992 was an English comedian and comic actor.  As information was linked to him and who the spirit could have been one of the sitters referred to her love of the TV Series that Frankie Howard had in life.  The link to the end of October was verified as  27 October 1976 was when a This is your life programme was linked to Frankie Howard.

Several of the members claimed someone was walking in and around their seats.  A feeling had started and members claimed that they felt as if someone was walking around them.  It was then the medium claimed a spirit of a female and she had a Royal title.  She was a Queen of England.  The feeling of someone walking around sitters did last for a while.  It was a feeling so apart from questions on what the feeling was like to different sitters nothing else could be noted.  The noises of footsteps were the only other link which did seem to help the claims of the sitters who were strongly feeling as if someone was walking around them.  Elizabeth I 7 September 1533 to 24 March 1603 was Queen of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 and while not a birthdate or passing matched with October it was on 10 October 1562 – Elizabeth I Contracted Smallpox which would have been a major event in her life.

Interesting in the séance was the claims of members that the room felt warm in parts and cool in other areas.  There was no explained reason for why this was.  The medium claimed one more TV person as a man who did have opinions on politics, affairs of economies and celebrities.  This time the medium linked two names and while one she could not clearly define the other she said began with P and was not a name one was prone to noting.  Sir David Paradine Frost, OBE 7 April 1939 to 31 August 2013 was an English journalist, comedian, writer, he was as linked to a media personality and television political presenter.  It is odd and somewhat interesting a link to the investigation as after in the online Express newspaper an article by: Benjamin Russell

Sir David passed from a heart attack while aboard the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, where he was due to give a talk.  It is of interest that both Sir David and Frankie Howard had heart links which were a connection and something that had been a physical link for the medium as she had experienced heart pains.  I noted that the Elizabeth I link was something that had a connection to the spirit who the medium talked of and later to Sir David Frost who had an attack of the heart on a cruise ship of the same name.

October was a time that at the beginning of the month illness linked Queen Elizabeth I and George Best as they both fell ill on the 3 and the 10 of the same month but so many years apart.  I do not know if these are the reasons which link spirit of different people or why certain spirit are attendees if you like of a séance or if common factors are the reasons for why spirits appear in a selected séance but it does interest me that these appearances can be linked by some interesting factors and life events.