Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 7 October 2014.

Sitting in a physical séance is an interesting experience as it is something that can not be predicted.  Members will meet in a séance room.  Nothing is allowed in or out of the séance while it is occurring.  No one is to do anything other than sit and note what is taking place.  The attendees sit with certain objects and hold the séance without any pre set information and it is the activity which does or doesn’t occur in the séance base of two hours that will then be the evidence noted in an investigation.

Upon taking to their seats members began to form the circle which is needed for a séance.  The physical sitting was opened and it was within the first few minutes that activity was reported.  One of the sitters who was sitting close to the light started to report it was flicking and on noting it doing something odd all members watched out for the light and once again it did turn to a flickering appearance as one would expect from that of a candle.  The light which is on during a séance is an object which should remain a consistent light for the two hours unless someone turns it on or off.  The flicking from on to off so that the light in the séance dipped and brightened is not something which should have been occurring.  The flicking as members termed it did occur for a number of minutes.  As this light activity was noted one of the mediums in the séance started to refer to several spirits who were notable as having a link to the object.  The spirits were positioned near to the object and the medium stated the spirits were keen on evidencing their presence with the light.

It was interesting to have a claimed explanation for what was occurring with the light but it was not something which we could examine other than having noted the altered appearance in what should have otherwise been a solid light.  The object itself is something which has had recurred activity in that several séance has had moments when the light has turned itself on or off or had a period in which it flicked and dimmed in its projected light.  In the interest of objective notation for the investigation the light has been tested at other times when the séance was not sat and in five of those times the light for two hours did nothing other than have a strongly lit appearance.  It did seem interesting that the flicking from on to off was only noted in the séance and when spirit were mentioned or have had information of themselves noted.

Taps were heard on noting the spirits.  The taps were noted as noises of tapping and this was on or around the seats of the members.  Several times members were alerted to the tapping noise which was noted aside members and on one occasion when it was more audible was in three sharp tap noises.

As a link to the investigation the tapping was noted at different times in the séance.  What was interesting to me was the times in which the taps seemed to answer statements or questions from sitters.  On mentioning something, one of the sitters began to ask about the spirits who the medium could visually claim as being in the séance, the tapping started and when the sitter asked can you depict them now there was a tap noise as if in response of the question.  This happened several times and one interesting point was when it occurred as one sitter asked if the spirit could do something else in aid of evidence of their presence and there was once more a tap noise before members referred to a series of little lights flashing in the séance.

Of course information on spirits from a medium is a link which can be investigated and has its own means of being verified.  When a medium reports a sighting members have to rely on what is being claimed and in a physical séance one has to be able to investigate and question all links or references to information or activity.  In a physical séance it is interesting when physical evidence is noted along with information from a medium as it is only then a number of members can all note something in the activity at the same time.

There were moments in the séance when a lot of activity happened at the same time.  One member claimed a feeling as if someone was holding on to their hand and when spirits were asked if something else could be done to support what had been noted another member felt their back being touched.  This was of interest as it supported the claim of one of the members and it was noted while the little lights were depicted by a number of the members in the séance.

There was a period in which members reported smells.  A strong smell of smoke was reported and the medium noted two spirits along with that sitter’s claim of a smell.  This was interesting and it was when the medium mentioned a name link that the evidenced physical activity of the smell was notable for the investigation as it turned the basis of what was noted to verification.  The sitter was elated as the medium stated a spirit link to a name of someone who had been related to the sitter and who had passed.  The same person was also someone who smoked and this was a possible explanation for the smell in the séance which had been noted with spirit.

Physical séance is a period where physical links to spirit may be noted.  The physical reference which is activity can be smell, noise, visual or sense links.  Sitters will be able to note the spirit presence by physical links to their appearance or reference of what they used to do.

The séance was used in many ways to investigate not only what happened but how and why the activity was noted.  In the latter half of the séance the personal reference was linked to someone a sitter had a link to in life.  The activity was all noted at a time when other links were noted or as spirit was referred to in the séance.