Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 30 September 2014.

Each physical séance is attended by members who are either there to examine any activity which occurs during the séance period or as a claimed medium to report any spirit information or incidents.

On arrival all members sat and began the process of opening the séance.  With doors closed and everything verified as how it should be the lights were turned off apart from one red light which was turned on and placed at one point in the circle.

The light was the first object to be a means for discussion by members as it started to appear as if it was momentarily turning off and then on.  On observing it sitters claimed that something was occurring around the light and it was then noted as at that moment what was claimed occurred…

The light flicked from on to off several times.  Sitters referred to it as if someone was walking in front of the light and several sitters stated feeling a cool breeze on them.  One of the mediums claimed a spirit who was male and informed everyone the spirit was someone who would have had the spot light on them in life.

The light in the circle at that point did turn off for several moments and sitters were conversing on how it was possible for a light to do that when the only means to alter it from on to off was with a switchable point at the rear and it would need someone to be sitting there to do it.  There was no explanation for why or how the light should have turned off as it appeared to and nothing to help explain what happened from inside or outside of the séance room.

The medium had been mid way in informing the collated séance about who the spirit was and she explained that Donald was a name being referred to as was the link to Wales and several of the other sitters stated noting singing or the sound of it from a part of the room where no one was sitting.

Sir Harry Donald Secombe, CBE 8 September 1921 to 11 April 2001 was a Welsh comedian and a man who lived a life full of active roles on televised performances and through helping people in societies.  He was a man who loved to sing and it is believed he is the spirit who was evidenced in the séance.

The medium in the séance referred to the man in spirit as being someone who was larger than life and people loved to be with him as his laughter would have lifted them from anything they had been feeling.

The link to a Welsh gentle man who loved to sing and would fit the image of who the medium stated was investigated and Sir Secome was connected to much of who was referred to in the séance.

A medium in the séance spoke of the spirit and his heart which was important in life.  His heart was why he did much of what he did to help and to have lifted people and aid them in life.

October was a reference by the medium for the spirit and it was that in October a memorial service was put into action to celebrate his life and was held at Westminster Abbey on 26 October 2001.

In a physical investigation sitters have to have evidence for what is claimed as spirit.  The light being referred to by the spirit as spot light and switching off when the spirit was linked to is something that is at the least interesting as it is something that was seen by all at the same minute by everyone in the sitting.

Activity was noted when the male spirit was referred to by the medium and this was in members noting little white round circular items moving in the air.  These little white round shapes are sometimes noted in physical séance and are explained as visible objects linked to points of energy or at places where spirit and energy is identified.  The referenced visible physical was noted for two to five minutes.  There were several sitters who claimed feeling someone walk past them at points in the séance and one minute where sitters all felt their seats move and this was as the spirit was said to be leaving the séance.