Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 26 August 2014.

The séance last sat was an investigation of the activity which was noted by members and also the reason for why such activity occurred.

The mediums and members who were seated to observe anything which occurred in the séance noted that within the first minutes of opening the séance a cool temperature was felt by all.  The cool difference was significant as only minutes before members had been reporting that the small room had seemed to be every bit of the temperature expected for that time in a Summer month.  There was no explanation for how the cool temperature began and as soon as members talked of it the cool sense seemed to leave the room.

As members observed small lights in one area of the séance a noise also began to cause members to question what it was.  The noise was as if two men had engaged in lifting objects and the cracking sounds were coming from a part of the room where nothing other than two of the members were seated.  Cracking and then talking came from the same area and it seemed to those seated nearest to the activity as if men’s talking could be noted and while the talking was evident what was being said could not be picked out.

It was as mediums were in trance one of the female mediums said that she could sense two male spirit.  One man was showing an image of a build or large location surrounded by countryside and that he was showing there were séances or investigations into spirit there.  The medium went on in establishing the man stating a name of Arthur but that it was his keen aim to sit in the séance and to link this to his love for investigating spirit.  The man the medium referred to was then a point for research and it was found Arthur Findlay MBE JP was one of the spirit believed to be at the séance.  From 1883 to July 1964 Arthur Findlay was a writer, accountant and stockbroker.  He acted in the position of Essex magistrate, as well as was a significant figure in the history of the religion of Spiritualism, being a partial founder of the newspaper Psychic News and also a founder of the International Institute for Psychical Research.  It was in his last account that he left his home, Stansted Hall, to the Spiritualists’ National Union.

The light in the séance which is the only one which is put on during a circle did flick on and off as the information about the spirit was referred to and talked about by members.

One of the members reported having their arms held by someone.  With all members in their seats and no one claiming having done this it was not until a few minutes on and the member stating again that she felt the same thing that other members could look at her and verify that no one was physically in contact with her but also her watch on that same arm started to move at that point and within minutes it was loosened so that it had moved down her arm.

With attention on what was happening to the attendee it was one of the mediums who reported she could pick out another spirit and this was also a male.  It was suggested this could be the other man who was picked out talking earlier.  He was she said referring to the month in which we were seated.  He had a love for artistic links and that he in spirit was active in the artistic love he had.  He was again talking of the eighth month.  He wanted to say he was there.  He was to be noted.  Research was done to try to find out who the male spirit was.  Interest was on the artistic link and it was through this that one John Sloan was found.  John F Sloan had a birthday in the month of which we were sitting and it was also the eight month of which he spoke.  He said the month was a link and it was in the same month that he would later in life marry his wife.  He was an artist and someone who throughout his life had exhibited artistic displays.  He was also a member of something known as The Eight.  This may explain why he spoke of the eight month as there were so numerous a link for him.  He was known for his love and the way he showed his belief through his artistic images.

The difference in activity around lighting and observing light in a séance is a link that does appear often as or minutes into a spirit sighting.  In the last séance both reports of the visible little lights from members in one area of the room and the physical light went from on to off several times.  It is of interest that members report a type of activity and these are often the same as from it one may suggest that in an investigation it is during those times that spirit physical may be noted.

Temperatures are also a link to spirit sighting.  In investigations this is linked to spirit as it is felt that spirit can take energy from members and this leaves the temperature evident.  It is not evident why the two male spirit were noted but both had a love for a belief in what they did and it is artistic love which appears as a life link for one spirit and as expression of spirit for the other person.