Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 19th March 2024.

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Every physical seance is different but there are important preparations which remain the same. A room is designated for the investigation into a physical seance and this is because it can be separate and closed off during the set and scheduled process. Seating is all positioned so as each member can see one another and fully observe all objects that are placed on a centrally situated table.

Each investigation into a physical seance is held in a closed room. Experienced members and medium gathered together and sat in fully visible positions to each other and all the objects in the room.

The medium closed her eyes for the beginning of the seance. It was during this time that she referred to individuals in spirit and to whom they asked to speak.

ORBS noted, could be depicted as small, blue, round unexplained lights that were seen momentarily and were unexplained by any other environment or person based cause from inside or outside of the seance room at that time.

MESSAGES were then given and these were inclusive of interests, personality information, details about individual preferences and memories. Validations could be given by those sitters who had received messages. Certain pieces of information were responded to and  both sitters and individuals in spirit talked via the medium.

The medium referred to a Ruth Elizabeth “Bette” Davis (April 5, 1908 – October 6, 1989) an American film, television and theatre actress. She is notably regarded as one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood history. Highly thought of for her willingness to play  unsympathetic roles and was known for her performances in a range of film genres, this went from contemporary crime melodramas to historical and period films. There were occasional comedies, although her greatest successes were her roles in romantic dramas. The Academy Award for Best Actress was awarded to her twice, and she was the first person to accrue ten Academy Award nominations for acting. She was the first woman to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute and in 1999, Davis was placed second on the American Film Institute’s list of the greatest female stars of classic Hollywood cinema. In the seance, the lady spoke about hard times being testing but also the ones that helped to build you. A reference was made to an anniversary.

SUMMARY of the experiences and events led to discussion about what had occurred. There was a lot to talk about and members were able to emphasise what had mattered and how it had conveyed something for them.