Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 22 July 2014.

A spirit and an activity linked.

One investigation which linked that of spirit and how the individual was in life was in that of the séance last attended.  The spirit was someone who informed all about who she was.

Ginger Roger salso known Virgini a K McMath was the person who is matched to the spirit in séance.  Members depicted a spirit with the name of Rogers and this was the point at which a number of actions were noted.

Members who sat in circle noted the difference in one of the sitters.  The female member who often has sat in investigation to take note of actions was visually somewhat different in the way she sat and how she appeared.  Members noted that the female was sat differently.  The lady with a known appearance by all who sat looked to have momentarily had a lot more hair and this was noted by the mas s of hair which looked to be all around her face.  A lot of sitters noted a white light around her hair and this did appear as if it had the look of someone with a different appearance of hair.

In July 16, 1911 to April 25, 1995 the lady who appeared to the sitters was known by her ability to make the public believe in what ever part she was in.  She was an American actress, dancer and singer who appeared in films, and notable parts throughout much of the earlier years.

In the séance the lady spirit noted by the members was someone with a hair notable by all.  The séance was intriguing as an investigation as action has to have a level of evidence which can be felt, visually depicted or made notable as a sense by more than one of those members who has attended.

The circle was sat with an aim of investigation in what information was given from spirit, what level of activity was sensed, felt or visually appeared to one or collectively by the sitters.  If information was given that had a link and was objective.

In noting the spirit a lot of the members could not explain why one of the sitters had lighter looking hair which was so much differed in appearance to that of what it was when every one had sat.  The appearance lasted for a few minutes.

With the appearance of the sitter different to that of her own one of the members did state what she was visually noting and it was then a lot of members felt their hair move.

With reports of this same activity on hair collectively one sitter made notes and a female sitter stated that a lady had been the one who had the hair that everyone in the circle had to note and she was someone who had to have the appearance that everyone would be in a position to link with her as that was who she was in life.

Sitters visually noted the hair lifted on sitters as one of the mediums talked with a ton e different to what she would have.  The information she said was about herself one person who had loved what she did and who she had been in life.  A lot of what she had loved had differed as she moved on in years but she was one who had experienced a lot.

The activity she stated with humour was something she was doing and she was trying to help everyone know she was with them.

On noting this the investigation had links to something which the séance had noted and someone had stated they had helped to make visually evident.

It was as the spirit linked her life to what was being depicted the names were given by her and she had reports of her having a name which was connecte d to V and a different sitter said she was aware of the spirit’s mother loving her second name something that started with a letter K.

It was the links she made to what she did and how she was known which made for much of what was referred to about her.  She was to refer to a number of things she did and how she was known and it was this which informed the séance about who she was.

Members felt something they referred to as a person looking at them and they did not appear to have visually depicted them.

It was as the spirit ended her speech that members all reported visual of someone leaving the séance.  As the séance ended the sitters were collective in their information on someone leaving the séance and moved in front of them and not a one of those sitting had moved.  The informed of links were looked into and it was that of the above actress who linked to the information and it was the activity which was of interest as it made multipl e links to a female in the investigation.