Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 8th July 2014.

Spirit active in the sitting.

In an investigation for spirit each member has to refer to exact depictions of anything observed.

It was in the sitting that a member started to refer vividly and interestingly her voice started to differ as her speech went on.  She said that she would like to talk about a date that was important in her life, she did not feel she was a number but she had a life that did put important focus on numbers.  Her birth day was referred to and then a calm voice spoke about a life of experience from an earlier time when she was young and began to act.

Barba ra was her name and she would be a spirit who went on to appear to love to address the sitting, she spoke on her love for acting and after research info links Barb ara Sta nwyck 16 July 1907 to 20 January 1990 was an actress of screen, she spoke of an important time and her birth day will only be a few days from that of the investigation.

When a circle is sat everyone has a focus on the investigation.  Experiences are explained as far as is possible and where something does not have a cause this will then act as a basis for further exploration.

As the spirit of Bar bara beg an to address the investigation she appeared to correlate with a series of actions in the lighting.  Everyone started to point to the light going off and on and this was as the spirit began to note her life in speech.  Her starting to depict points in her life seemed to link to light activity.

Her multi appearances in different acting roles was important information as it was while she was in a speech on this the light started to turn on and off leaving members linking this with the spirit’s moment of speech.  What was interesting is that this activity did end when she came to an end of her speech.  This may support the link to activity and spirit.

The spirit who appeared to speak through one of the members of the séance came to an end of her speech and within a few minutes sitters started to report spotting lights.

Lights spoken of were later depicted as circles of lights which moved in front of sitters and disappeared within moments of sighting them.

The spirit was happy she stated and she lived a life that was full but there were she laughed loves who did get away from her.  She had a role she said in spirit where she could help people who had a love of acting.  Her life experience helped her in this.

What was interesting was as far as the investigation the spirit presence did occur as activity was noted in the form of noises of people speaking from the part of the room where no one was sat and in explanation the spirit did note that there were spirit of people with her who were present.

The investigation did link dates and spirit appear to be aware of who they were in life and link this with what they evidence in séance.