Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 25th April 2023.

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Every physical seance is different but there are important preparations which remain the same. A room is designated for the investigation into a physical seance and this is because it can be separate and closed off during the set and scheduled process. Seating is all positioned so as each member can see one another and fully observe all objects that are placed on a centrally situated table.

Each investigation into a physical seance is held in a closed room. Experienced members and medium gathered together and sat in fully visible positions to each other and all the objects in the room.

The medium closed her eyes but only for a brief time. After a few moments she began to converse with accents, phrases and depictions acknowledged by sitters as known to them from individuals in spirit.

ORBS were next noticed. The Orbs noted were several and blue. The lights could be depicted as small, round and unexplained. Seen momentarily and unexplained by any other environment or person based cause from inside or outside of the seance room at that time, members talked about the Orbs. The subject was focused on how they seemed to appear, move for a few seconds and then disappear.

NOISES did appear to coincide with the Orb sightings. The noises were loud, long creaks that sounded twice along the walls and one from near the top half of the room. The seance had collectively been thinking and questions had been asked out loud. It did seem as if the distinct noises heard were in responsive timing to the questions that had been put out. The questions had been to do with a fond greeting between that of a sitter and individual in spirit whereby she asked if the relative had acknowledged a recent gathering and if they had liked it.

MESSAGES came via the medium and these were inclusive of personality information, details about individual preferences and memories.

The medium talked about someone thought to be Ronald Balfour Corbett CBE (4 December 1930 – 31 March 2016) a Scottish actor, comedian, broadcaster and acclaimed writer. He had a long association and notable public awareness with Ronnie Barker in the BBC television comedy sketch show The Two Ronnies. He achieved prominence in David Frost’s 1960s somewhat satirical comedy programme called The Frost Report (with Barker) and subsequently starred in sitcoms such as Sorry! and No – That’s Me Over Here!Now Look HereIn the seance the gentleman talked of comedy and how even if you did not have the exact same sense of humour as someone else, it did not matter. Comedy could still overcome social barriers and it had done well for him in his school days.

SUMMARY of the experiences and events led to discussion about what had occurred. Members talked it over and did feel that the Orbs and noises had been relevant both in timing and subjective responses. It appeared to have been a useful and varied experience for all those who had been in the seance.