Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 24 June 2014.

A loving spirit.

Richard Arthur Beckinsale 6 July 1947 to 19 March 1979 was an English actor, best known for his role in many parts in shows.  It was as we sat in this last séance that one spirit was able to let mediums look at life through someone else, his message and way of putting evidence about what he did in life made for an investigation which had not been experienced before.

The séance start was filled by members taking their seats, with the light of the circle then turned on and members began to open the sitting.

All was calm and notes were written on how the circle within minutes started to become a room filled with little speck like lights.  Some were coloured but most were white and it did appear as if the lights showed up around mediums or members of the séance.  On investigating what was sighted I noted occasions when these round lighted shapes did notably show up twice next to someone’s seat.

It was after the light were spotted that mediums began to talk about a male energy.  Mediums started to detect someone who had a link to the day and had something to state.

It was interesting as while some mediums spotted visual sighting of a male spirit they detected and stated that he was a gentleman with darker hair and a gentle spirit.  He was someone who would have paired up with many actors in his role and was someone who had the ability to make people laugh other mediums detected that he was a writer too and someone who loved to put what he felt in words.

Both sets of mediums worked together and while one set visually noted the appearing male spirit the other mediums with a separate aim began to open themselves up to the claimed spirit and it was then a male voice came from one of the female mediums who ordinarily had a somewhat differed toning to that evidenced.  The words were said to the séance and the male words tried stated that life was shortened for him and he went earlier but not without noting that there were so many important things in life.

Written here is a excerpted note of what was said.

Life is not about what you know but who you have as friends and colleagues.  The counter parts which balance what you do and make you feel free as who you are.

Love is so much freer to show this side with people around you who know the corners of your heart.  You be who you have to be.  You are what you show to the people around you.

My daughters are the pieces of me and who I have left behind to live life but who I am with by their side.

His wording did start to be less said in a means understood by the sitting but it was here the cracking began to sound all along the walls where people were seated and then over the seats where there was no flooring and where no sounds could normally have come through.

The cracking was odd because there was a set of tapping as if someone was coming through the walls.  It was after one of the sitters put it to everyone that this was odd the cracking became louder and more notable.

The male speaking did stop as this creaking was on going and as sitters began to note that the words had stopped they asked if the spirit was causing what was taking place and within a few minutes the same medium who had been the one from where the action had come started to say that the spirit was no longer with her and she could sight him standing at the other side of the circle.  From the side of the room at that point a lot of cracking did start and then on the same medium stating that was him it stopped.

After the séance the person was investigated by putting his information in and it became apparent that it would be his birth day in only a few days.  This would be a reason for the link he said he had to the date.

The spirit was someone who in the séance made himself notable as several mediums stated how he loved life and loved what he did.  He was spotted by the mediums to be laughing and in his thirties with a relaxed attitude but that he was a spirit who was surrounded by those he knew in life and who had passed.  He was someone who listened to people’s problems and helped so many and in spirit this was something he did do.  The séance was interesting as it was through one spirit that everyone as members of the séance had so many moments in which every one felt happy and the point of when a male voice came from a female member with such a long and understood sentiment was notable.