Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 10th June 2014.

A spirit séance which made every attendee re evaluate what a séanc e is.

Every circle has its own one off sense about it as incidents are noted which sometimes have not happened in other circles or the links from spirit are noted in differed forms. Each sitting is verified by what has collated as notable eviedenc.e.

This investigation began in a low lit séance with people sat to note anything which may take place.  The lights which came from reports were spotted within the first few minutes and each person referred to being able to visualise lights in round shapes collectively spotted in one area of the sitting.  This incident was noted as two things happened.  Mediums talked about a male energy having made himself known and a shot of white appeared from one side of the room out of no where.

The white light could not be located at its source but it was visible by all who were in the investigating séance.  Watching as the white line moved with intent and form the flash lit up the faces of members.  Quickly it occurred at one side of the room and then disappeared.

The mediums then spoke of the male spirit.  Several members all stated that a male was in the circle by the name of Richard.  He was someone who was in many serial performance and had longer hair.  The Richard was a lover and actor of comedy.  He had come to help bring attention to another person.  This was noted and then within two minutes an identity of Brian was brought forward.  This Brian was a friend of Richard they said and someone who had an important date to be written about.

A lot of information was spoken of as this spirit stepped into the séance.  There was a link to W I L D as initials and this as we found out referred to the actor’s sur name even though in the séance the E was left off.  The spirit was in celebration of an anniversary link he spoke of and he was saying the word happy many times.  It was later linked to that of his birthday which would have been two days after that of the circle and is the date which is when this reference is being put together.

The spirit in séance was a person who informed all about Andrew who he referred to as important to him.  He also appeared to the mediums as an entertainer under an identity of Mr. Peacoc k and referred to the Ac e of Wan ds.  While this was not known as how it linked every part of the information was taken down for later investigation.  It was researched and it is believed the Brian was Brian George Wilde 13 June 1927 to 20 March 2008 was an English actor, best known for his roles in television comedy, including Mr Barrowclough in the comedic role he was known for the timing and humour he had and as “Foggy” Dewhurst in another series. His face was a staple of British television for over forty years.  He was a man who had acted with the identity of Mr. P eacock and this was in a serial of the Ac e of W ands.  While in the sitting the serial reference was finally linked after much effor t on the part of the mediums due to only images of a set of c ard and a long object which was later identified as a wan d the link was a vital one.

Andrew who the spirit referred to was in life the son whom Brian had.

The name Lancashire was referred to as important to him and one medium who was in dialogue with the spirit stated this man was one who had made himself known by a horro r scene he was featured in and from research into this it was with some difficult found that in 1957 as un like as it was for Brian he did appear through one horror film and was born in Lancashire.

Ronnie Barker was mentioned as important and in life Ronnie Barke r did act along side that of the spirit who was noted.

It was at this point a Frank was spoken of by the spirit.  Brian referred to his acting role and then through one of the mediums informed all about a very important friendship to Frank.  Putting dates in with the name Frank links Frank Thornton to our investigation.

Frank Thornton
Frank Thornton.jpg


Frank Thornton born Frank Thornton 15 January 1921 to 16 March 2013 was an English actor who took over one of the roles that Brian had been in and he also passed in March as did Brian.  March was a link made and referred to by spirit in the circle.  Mr. Peackoc k was also an identity which was used by them both in their acting roles.

Brian in the séance was keen for Frank to be noted.  He was put together with the other male spirit by all the mediums in the sitting.

There were many links for Frank Thornton to June as on June 1 he was given a more defined role in the arm and it was on 5 June 1945 he married actress Beryl Evans in West Wick ham from which the couple had a daughter, Jane.   

This may act as the base for why Brian had a keen sense of importance for him to be noted.  The two had been in the same series and were notable for the part they had been in.

The séance was noted for the spirit links.  The spirit who came and spoke was that of someone who had feelings for his friends all of which were known for their acting roles.  The male spirit was able to speak of personalised incidents and information which helped to make it known that he had been there and so close to that of his birthday.  Any info which can be used as evidence in that it has a link which is checked is intriguing and this link from Brian to a friend in Frank was emotive as all members in the sitting felt somewhat draw n into a bond which acted as an opportunity for two specia l actors to be note d.

Picture is of Frank Thornton, one of the spirit who was linked in the circle.  Picture from online encyclopaedia.