Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 3rd June 2014.

What happened in the sitting and an actress who was at the hear t of the a ction.

Spirit circle is one way of objectively collecting incidents which have taken place in front of a sitting of individuals.  Each can reference what has happened and incidents will then be noted.

In this latest sitting there was a difference in activity which was noted by all the members.  It was with the lights turned off that things began to take place and the first of which I have been able to detect and had experienced.  Lights were a main part of the séance and it has to be said the only light formations as close to the ones I saw that night in the circle were on filmed evidence of o r b movement.

O r b or circular light evidence is a part of many records which are not normally visible as someone looks at a darkened room but after having filmed the same room these small light circles can appear and look as if they have consciously active movements.

It is important to objectively analyse this type of activity as there have been theories about what or how these little light collations appear on photos or filmed sessions.  One main intriguing link to all these light collations is that they often occur so rapidly it is difficult for one to view them in actual occurring moments and that is how when looked back on film they then become visible.  In the physical circle we last sat the white circles of lights were moving in front of the sitters and I can agree that having detected two or more of these movements once from the corner of my vision and then in front of me, the lights were moving one after each other and always from the top of the room down to the floor.  All of the lights I can verify having detected came from and were within one defined spot.

It is the next period of the investigation I experienced an active event that I had not detected before.  It was a few minutes after the lights had been noticed and it was as members were discussing what they had sighted that I felt a coolness around me.  I did not speak up as I waited for a while to verify this with any other accounted senses of the cool temperature.  It was only a few minutes later several members stated feeling cold and it was this which had me looking into why this should be so but with a knock from one side of the room, the exact place which I had noted the white lights moving, I looked to that area in the room and that was when I again spotted something occurring in that part of the investigation and it was as other individuals started to state they could depict lights again that I became aware of a larger light moving slowly as if it had been consciously slowed, the shaping which was much like that of a hand came into sight along side that of a flickering face but with features fully defined within that of the outline.  Information was spoken of by several of the sitters and a name was mentioned of Eldred.  As no one could validate the name and it was not known the information was recorded and this was amongst the link to this spirit being someone who would have had many who loved him for his appearance and for the ways of him being comedy hearted one minute and a different person with loves and interests which made him an actor who so many would love.  Eldred and the month of the séance had to be what was researched with  Gregory Peck April 5, 1916 to June 12, 2003 an American actor, the identified spirit who had been present.  He was one of the world’s most popular film stars from the periods of 1940s to the 1960s.

The research did not finalise what was understood about Gregory Peck or why he had ben present in the séance that evening.  At first while the name Eldred was apparent, other mediums in the séance started to look as if they were not sure about some thing so when questioned they said they felt as if there were two spirits together and while some of the individuals started to talk about Gregory Peck, other sitters began to state sighting a female spirit who referenced the date over and over.  She was keen in being able to show her links to films but more she had a love of laughter and a mass of dark hair.  Information about her was given as an actress who started to move back as if she had to introduce some person and it was as she pointed to her side that a lot of the sitters stated that she was pointing at Gregory Peck as though she had a need for him to be noted.  The only other related link she made was the date as being important for her.  This info was much more difficult to look into and investigate as June was not a birth or passing anniversary for an actress around Gregory Peck.  Films were then looked at which starred Gregory Peck as an actor in them and it was then that one stood as being the cause for who the spirit was and why the month was important.

Audrey Hepbur n matched both appearance given for the spirit of the female at the séance and her having co starred in a film with Gregory Peck made it a reason as she might be the person we were looking for, also the film they were both a part of was filmed in June and interviews about it were noted as having been in June.  Not only this was a link there was the fact the 60th year anniversary was celebrated recently in 2013 for this film and it being a film about a princess who escapes her guardians and falls in love with Gregory Peck it linked with the recent launch of another Princes s related performance which has only been released as I write this piece…

Another interesting link came in how the film introduced Audrey H with Gregory Peck already the notable actor but in the circle it appeared Audrey H had reverse of the position and had been the one to introduce Peck to the séance.

Roman Holida y with Gregory Peck and introducing Audrey Hepbu rn turned to a reverse of appearances for the members of the séance.

It is odd that Gregory Peck who had a mass follow of adoring people who would identify with who he was presented himself to the circle as Eldred.  It was a difficulty in that no one in the sitting had a link to him with that name but it may have been a more personalised identity for him, Audrey Hepbu rn also tried not only to make sure we understood who he was because his passing will be only a week or so from that of when we sat but also she made focal links to the film that she was in along side him.

Spirit can be evidenced in a link to what someone was in a sense of what they did or what they felt verifies who they were.  As sitters visually sighting and noting what happens is the only way of linking who spirit were and making the link for activity.  As so much is observed it is difficult to put in to a noted formation all that is referenced in a sitting but every activity is put in as much as we can so as to aid in the sense of what is noted.