Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 10th May 2022.

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Every physical seance is different but there are important preparations which remain the same. A room is designated for the investigation into a physical seance and this is because it can be separate and closed off during the set and scheduled process. Seating is all positioned so as each member can see one another and fully observe all objects that are placed on a centrally situated table.

Each investigation into a physical seance is held in a closed room. Experienced members and medium gathered together and sat in fully visible positions to each other and all the objects in the room.

The ORBS noted in the seance, could be depicted as small, blue, round unexplained lights that were seen for a few seconds each and were unexplained by any other environment or person based cause from inside or outside of the seance room at that time. This type of Orb sighting was experienced during the messages relayed between individuals in spirit to members via the medium.

The MESSAGES heard during the investigation were inclusive of references to personality information, details about individual preferences and acknowledged acquaintances. There were a great many conversations observed in this part of the seance and these were between individuals in spirit to sitters. The medium referred to speech or responses given to sitters questions and a very happy, enjoyable conversational style of evidence came from this kind of atmosphere.

In the seance, comedy became known as an important association to that of who the medium started to depict. This person is thought to be a Thomas Frederick Cooper (19 March 1921 – 15 April 1984) a Welsh-born prop comedian and magician of Anglo-Welsh parentage. As an entertainer, his appearance was usually thought of as large at 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m), and he habitually wore a red fez whenever performing. He initially served in the British Army for seven years, before eventually developing his conjuring skills and then becoming a member of The Magic Circle. Although he spent time on tour performing his magical act, which specialised on magic tricks that appeared not to work, he rose to international prominence when his career moved into television, with programmes for London Weekend Television and Thames Television.

By the end of the 1970s, Cooper was performing as a guest star on other entertainment shows. In the seance, the gentleman asked everybody to slow down and appreciate what they already had in their lives. There was a lot that he felt could be diminished if not acknowledged and he referred to his great rise in his comedy profession recently.

SUMMARY of the experiences and events led to discussion about what had occurred. VALIDATIONS were important and able to be given according to the specific instances of members’ message receipt from individuals in spirit. The members were satisfied that information given to them had been pertinent to both themselves, family, friends and to events that had been experienced in their lives.