Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 6th May 2014.

A circle by which members attend in an attempt to find evidence can by its occurrence have a sense of intrigue and it will have an effect on almost every one in attendance.

The circle began with all items and the whole room checked.  This is done so at the end of the séance any evidence can be taken as something which has happened at a time which has been notable by everyone and that the incident was not a result by already placed causes.

The members were all ready for the séance seated around in their chosen seats and with the lights dimmed the taps started only a few minutes after the opening words had been said.  It was interesting to note that these knock noises were coming in and around the seated mediums almost like they were being made from inside where we sat even though it was a physical impossibility for this to be so, we noticed that this went on for a long period.

Next to be noticed were names, the mediums all had an image and this was in itself an evidence not sighted before as several had the same image in front of them and this was talked about with each one telling of being sat at a table with guest seats on either side but at the end of this placed two men who both were smiling and wanted to be known as Laurel and Hardy.

It was something that all members were talking about having sighting that image at the second the first brought it up and I made a note of how each had a part of this sighting as though it was an image all those mediums could sight at one period.   In the circle this had not ever been noticed before, I had questions about how everyone could be validating this image but with each being able to locate the same evidence and with all saying over and over that Laurel and Hardy had made an appearance it was put down for further research.  In talking of these two men a lot of physical activity also began and with the on set of a loudly audible bang came a flashing of light which took up half of the room.  It was quite something and almost as if a photograph had been taken but it must have been from an over sized set of equipment.  Stan and Oliver of whom the mediums referenced were a comedy double act during the early start of the Classical Hollywood era of American cinema. The team was a pairing of thin Englishman, Stan Laurel 1890 till 1965 and heavyset American, Oliver Hardy 1892 until 1957. In the circle they seemed happy and full of action.  They became well known during the late 1920s through the mid-1940s for their  comedy with Laurel playing the childlike friend of the pomp base role of Hardy. One of the comedy routines they performed was an escalating, tit-for-tat one takes on one fight, an example of which can be seen in their silent film Big Business from 1929.

The flashing white as though from a photograph being taken was intriguing.  All members saw this and it was suggested by one member it could have been a link from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy to their acting time.  Being on the stage and on television seemed important with all the members having sensations of being touched but at the point of their hair lifting up that had everyone smiling.  With sitter’s hair looking somehow comically styled and with foot steps coming in and around the same people there was a lot of notable activity.  Prior to their being teamed up both actors had well established film careers and Laurel had appeared in over 50 films while Hardy had himself been in more than 250 films. The two comedians had previously worked together as cast members in 1921.  Laurel and Hardy officially became a team in 1927 when they appeared together in the silent short film Putting Pants on Philip. They remained with the Roach studio on films until 1940 and then appeared in eight “B” movie comedies for 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1941 to 1945. After finishing their film commitments at the end of 1944 they concentrated on performing in theatrical stage shows and embarked on a musical hall tour of England, Ireland and Scotland. This was referenced as Scotland and was sighted by many of the individuals in the séance and they referred to Laurel showing his part in performance there.

Laurel was born in June on that of the 16th which not only is the same month in birth day anniversary as one of the sitters but it is a factual interest the visitation he made was in May and in referring back on what the sitters and mediums spoke about having sighted as an event that both Laurel and Hardy were sat at and how they could pick out the pair smiling on as some formal meeting was taking place and they were watching on as the process was in occurrence, information which was searched after the sitting correlates as on Sunday which has just passed there was in fact an auctioning co nvention held for Laurel and Hard y.

The timing of the occasion was something to notice as two days before the circle many people had gathered in the name of the two comedians.  This made all the sitters when they were informed happy as it was felt the appearing actors came because of this.

It is often notable that spirit will come and make appearance if something as an event is put on in their name or if the anniversaries of either birth or passing as has shown comes into a week or so from that of a séance.

This information on two actors was notable as they made their figures apparent by marking a date which was little acknowledg ed but meant something for both individuals.  The two came in with a bang and a lot of activity which was something physical all could note and it went along by their personalities in life which were full of laughter and a ction.