Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 29th April 2014.

A home circle is an investigation into spirit with an aim to having proof of what has been noticed in that two hours.  It is a means for collation of spirit evidence and gives an opportunity to validate or dis prove what has been noted.

Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE 26 May 1913 and who passed 11 August 1994 was an English actor known for his many appearances in fright induced parts where he took the opportunity to show his ability to be a realistic predatory captor of all things Ghoulish.

Vincen t L Price, Jr.  May 27, 1911 t o October 25, 1993 was an American actor, well known for his parts as a similar man of the movies and he was in many a role a counter for colleague actor Peter Cushing.  It was interesting in the circle Peter was seen standing behind one of the sitters.  The name of Peter was mentioned as he was detected by the mediums who were present, this man they said would be a person many admired for presence in what he did and how he took his performance ability to a level which was believed by everyone who watched him.  Bela Lugosi was the next individual that one of the members spoke as spotting, he appeared to the member by means of a man with darker hair marking a person who also walked the boards of stage theatrics.  Vincent Price was seen as making a three in number against Bela Lugosi and Peter Cushing.  The medium was keen to state that they could note two men of which one was sitting in front and the other gentlemen were in appearance slightly further set apart to be behind him.

Bela Lugosi was noted because it was his name that the medium gave as an informative link.  The spirit individual we were informed stood with a smiling expressive stance and the one thing that this gentleman insisted had to be noted was May.  After the séance the information was looked into and nothing could be referenced to either tie Bela Lugosi to May as a birth date or passing and so there was no reason to explain why he had chosen that circle to visit.  There was nothing at that point to validate what the medium had provided as evidence until a further attempt came up with a Karl May 25th February 1842 to 30th March 1912, this man was the writer of many of the adapted films of which Lugosi was the main actor and it was this same surname that then made it possible to find a connection to why Mr. Lugosi had stated that May should be checked.

Bela Lugosi was a main actor for Karl May’s scree adaptation of the Wol f Man which opened on the night of the 1 May 1942.  This was intriguing as information as not two days from that of the sitting was the anniversary for the screening.  It gave a significant tie as a reason for why Bela Lugosi was sighted in the investigation.

Karl Ma rx 5 May 1818 was a reference one of the mediums stated a little while into the séance.  It was as this name was provided the lights flicked from on to a number of darker alterations in how the room was lit until almost darkness to the point that members started to query how the equipment could do that.

The circle gave notable reference of people who could later by their birth date or passing link to the anniversary of the night of the circle.  Karl Mar x was born on the fifth and there in this was validated but what was not as easy in finding an explanation for was the physical lighting over the séance and how this was seen by all to do something impossible.

Verification of birthdate..

Mr M arx who was born 5 May 1818, only little over 5 days after the séance.

Peter Cushing born 26th May 1913

Vincent Price born 27th May 1911

There was also notable information link in a sighting of Bela Lugosi who spoke of his opening night 1st May 1942 only over one day from that of the sitting of the séance.

This circle was a means in which the investigation of spirit could be linked in to why spirit came, three of those visiting individuals when looked into had connections to movies and to a particular type in setting and atmosphere.

Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Bela Lugosi all acted as serial actors of overlapping feature film s cenarios.  All of them had such connection points and resembling links. Peter Cushing appeared in the spiritual sitting and after a few minutes there was a medium who said that evening that Peter has a loving relationship with someone who he would like to be noted on that of this date.  When this came into the notable links it then referenced as that Peter met his wife Violet Helen Beck May 1942 of whom he was so loving a partner he never wanted to be parted from her.  This is somewhat a valid evidence as it can be May that is what is intended as it had acted as the month which gave way to their meeting one another or as an intention to once again over lap with that of Bela Lugosi who had his performance marked in May and where through a performance Peter met his wife.  This circle gave one a definitive occasion as spirit astounded with their mean of making themselves identifiable.