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What follows is a record of true accounts..

This article contains a statement of what is seen, heard and felt in an attempt to prove and certify the existence of paranormal activity.

When we sit for any mode of spiritual meeting, be that of a physical circle or any class of psychic investigation we do so with an invitation to spirit to interact, and this could mean the levitation of objects, the materialisation of identities or more intense paranormal acts. 

What follows should be taken as true reflections of a physical circle.


Circle held on the 3oth July 2013.

This occasion had the members all taking their seats and noticing spiritual activity from the first breath.  The temperature which had been settled all of a few beats later plummeted leaving the sitters contemplating what had caused the icy breeze.

On beginning the actual circle a white film like smoke emitted from the middle of the séance.  The members watched, waited and as it thickened one medium spoke out and asked if it would be possible for spirit to state who was present.   

220px-Rock_Hudson_-_portrait[1]There was no response.  Mediums sat and waited but not for long as crack sounds echoed along the walls and no soon as this began mediums felt a sensation of being watched with trance in full flow the words to next enter the circle came from a male spirit.

The voice was clear, he was known as H G and then after time went on he put the surname of Wells to the first initials.  He knew he was spirit but he wanted to address those gathered as he had a connection to what was happening.  He was direct but stated that in being with the sitters he wanted to mention how he in life was known to many through alternate concepts which were not the norm and from taking an approach not believed to be in line with convention.  After the circle research was made on this gentleman who was H G Wells Herbert George ” H. G.” Wells 21 September 1866 until 13 August 1946 was an English writer, now best known for his work in the science fiction genre.

Whilst in the circle the male voice was heard by all it was not known that H G Wells actually passed to spirit in the month of August.  The passing of someone along with a birth date does appear to have significance acting as a cause for individuals to come back to this level where they were born and lived a life. 

H G Wells was a man of science and did during his life write on topics considered to broach new and innovative which could account for why he showed himself to the gathered mediums as someone who did not follow convention.   

Not known in the séance but discovered after is the fact HG Wells seemed to write on or about ghost stories with one called the Red Room standing out as it is generally with the red light that a physical trance can provide basis for materialisation.

Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jeane Mortenson; June 1, 1926 until August 5, 1962 was the spirit who was identified in the same circle.  Just as the first gentlemen stopped his speech the sitters and one medium saw movement from spirits at the side of the room.  This was noticeable as the entities were keen to take part in the séance and on being sighted two separate people were seen as Rock Hudson and Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn was an American actress, model, and singer, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s.

Films were shown by spirit seen as black boards used in the process of making films and along side this costumes, make up and scenery was depicted by the mediums.  Marilyn Monroe identified her presence as she came in with laughter, a bubbly infectious giggle which made all those gathered that night smile.  Her hair was short and face broken out into a grin as she ran being chased by the male spirit later who wanted to be known as no one other than Rock Hudson and as this was sighted the two were like soul mates in spirit.

It was later looked and investigated by one of the sitters.  Marilyn passed to spirit also alike to HG Wells in the month of August.  The similarity something which united them.  

With only a few weeks separation in dates of passing to spirit both H G and Marilyn Monroe went to their new level of existence quite close to one another at the beginning and middle of August.

It was not understood why Rock Hudson had made himself visible from spirit as his birth date was 17 November 1925 and passing was 2 October 1985 but as it was searched it was found that in the same month of August Rock Hudson would have been let out of hospital to go home where he would a little while later leave this level of life.  As it was shown it is not only the birth date or passing which is a means for individuals from spirit to come back and pay us a visit or want to bring up a memory but also if there is an important reminder or stage for them.  Mr. Hudson would have recalled his coming out of hospital as vital in his link to this state of being and more than this it may have been a period that he wanted to bring to the attention of those who sat.

It could also be another emotive bond which meant that Rock Hudson came to that specific sitting.  It was seen that Marilyn Monroe was happy and she was laughing as Rock Hudson chased her.  They were both content, in spirit smiling and wanted this to be what was first visible about them.  Their feeling of well being could be felt by all who sat and it was this which sparked off a conversation about how it seemed that Rock Hudson had a cheeky easy go lucky take on life.

Spirits who may have a bind to each other through a birth date or passing or sentimental link even if it is not known of may come through in unison because it helps to identify or bring out an issue.  Mediums who sit in a circle will not always at first comprehend why entities come and speak but experience of multiple energies usually is to commemorate an anniversary of some sort.  In sighting the three individuals of that séance a number of physical actions were also noted and that was of the sounds that came of banging and a breeze which took up before a white substance which was translucent in nature but thick enough that it distorted the features of those who sat.  On closing the meeting it should be mentioned that all of these unexplained incidents disappeared.

Pictures are of H G Wells Marilyn Monroe and Rock Hudson. Pictures are taken from online encyclopedia.