Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 17th November 2020.

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Held in a closed and arranged room, experienced medium and members gathered. Everybody took to their seats and in full view of each other, the investigation into a physical seance began.

The medium closed her eyes and started to give out links about who she could depict in spirit. Details about personal traits, memories and references to individuals in spirit were given to recipient sitters. On talking to members about a loved one or someone known in spirit, subsequently a longer and more personal message was given. This action of message giving occurred four times.

A NOISE that could not be explained, was collectively heard. It was a cracking sound, not unfamiliar to the seance as it had been noted on previous occasions, and in this investigation was noted as having come from above an earlier set out table. Interestingly, the noise came in as several younger individuals in spirit were being referred to by the medium.

One ORB was noted and this was at a latter stage in proceedings. It was blue, only seen for a brief matter of seconds and near to where a member was seated.

The medium referred to someone thought to be a Burton Stephen Lancaster (November 2, 1913 – October 20, 1994) an American actor and producer. This is believed to be the case because of the information that came through about him. In research it was found that he was at first known for playing tough guys with a tender heart, but went on to achieve success with more complex and challenging roles over a 45-year career in film and, later in television. A four-time nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actor (winning once), it has been noted that he also won two BAFTA Awards and one Golden Globe Award for Best Lead Actor. In the seance, the gentleman in spirit spoke about having recently had an anniversary and having been with family for this occasion. Happy about the achievements of his family and welcoming new members of it, his emotions were evident and suitably matching his excitement. As a little boy, he spoke about being far more keen on agility and getting things done quickly but later in life he valued taking experiences at a slower, more defined pace.

A SUMMARY of the physical seance was gained through discussion and investigations into how and why certain experiences had been noted. The members were keen to talk about what had been referred to them specifically and during their earlier messages. Validations were received and explained as in accordance with how personally relevant the message content had been. It was felt that evidence of the unexplained noise and Orb was significant to the physical seance, as the occurrences had been noted and could not be defined by anything else as having at that time, caused them from inside or outside of the room.