Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the April 1st 2014.

In attempting to find out more about spirit activity the home séance which is a form of visibly proving what is claimed was the base for the following findings.

There was a focus at the beginning of the investigation on physical proof and as in the last few sittings much activity had been noted, all the sitters talked about what had been noted, with a view to categorise the type of action that had been a part of the past few meetings.

The home séance of which we have been investigating has been in observation of a vast amount of incidents.  These have been..

Sitters have felt the temperature grow cold and there was a distinct breeze noted.

The lights in the séance area have turned down low when there is no way for that to have been possible unless a person uses the operations at the back of the equipment.

The same lights have one way of turning off and on, up and down at the back and it is something that requires a little bit of effort in performing this action and with the same object turning on and off several of the sitters have asked how this has been possible.

Echoing banging noises have been noted by all sitters along the walls of where the sitters sit.  There have been periods in which there has been so much noise the sitters have been in a position to find one area where the activity is most active and it has then been the main aim of those sitting to determine if the actions have an individual cause or something which may be responsible for what has been occurring.

In investigating parts of our study, I have found the tapping on the walls to be interesting as they are noted at times when sitters are talking about what is going on in the circle and these actions correlate with specific mediums or sitters taking on a form of communication by it as if it were a method of asking and answering with spirit.

By observing what is taking place in a sitting I have noticed the tapping will often occur if a medium is in conversation about sighting a spirit individual, when they are referring to their appearance or who the person could be and when this is being talked of the tapping will focus in one area and this is usually behind the same medium who is speaking.

As much as we can we remain objective in investigating spirit activity.  As a result of attempting to observe what is taking place no one sitter can come to a conclusive understanding of what has been notable evidence.  At the beginning the incidents are only things which may be taken down as what has been corroborated by everyone and there is no opinion given by any person.

In investigating any evidence will be something all sitters have had the opportunity to investigate and in the circle at the moment that an activity is visible it will be validated by at least one other sitter before it is looked into and only then will it be analysed.

In past circles several of the mediums have reported feeling their bodies touched, as if someone has tried to touch or take their hands.

The senses of a sitter in a physical circle are significant because much of the physical evidence will be a result of what an individual will have felt or has been aware of by means of what they have been able to notice.  The objectivity of only reporting on what these accounts have produced is questionable and has been the reason for so much debate as even as early as Victorian sittings have been investigated by parapsychologists who state the evidence of any physical sitting will be subjected by individual views on whatever has been the account.  The testing of any incident will be what makes it either a base for claiming it proof or not.

Transfiguring which is the focus on visible proof of spirit appearance is another fact that Victorian mediums and the psychologists were keen on depicting as either valid or a means of misunderstanding what had been noted.  Transfiguring forms also happens to be an action of which our home circle has had many sitters sighting.  There have been in recent sittings numerous periods which have been taken up with mediums and sitters pointing to places which were covered in a white mist and after this the person sitting in that area then has had their features taken over by another set of facial feature which have no resemblance to their own what so ever.

Apport or apportation is when something and this will be an item will appear in a place where it has not been before.  This is something that the séance has had on several times and has been a main aim to find out why.  At the beginning of each study everything and everyone is looked at in terms of what they have on them.  This is done so that everything is known as to where it is and what is in the room.  Twice there has been at the closing things found which had not been there before.  These have included pieces of plastic and at this last report a long fine strand of thread.  The thread had a matted amount of pieces attached to the bottom and was something that all sitters examined.

Having a physical verifiable piece of proof is a way for everyone to note something which has been an occurrence during the same frame in timing.  Many interesting events have increased our knowledge and some forms of what have been referenced have above everything an exceptional place in the hearts of all who have sat.