Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 13th October 2020.

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All the members and the medium gathered in a closed setting of the seance room. Seating and objects had been laid out already and everything in the room was in full view of all the sitters.

A recording device was used on this occasion to record the investigation. Experiences and all speech during the physical seance was recorded this way and later played back for the members. Included in this part of the proceedings was a spirit of a loved one pertaining to a sitter and who actually verbally expressed the sentiment that effort was going to be made by several energies to attempt an acknowledgement of the aim for a recording.

On commencing, the physical seance was officially opened and the medium temporarily closed her eyes. It was from this point on that she spoke about individuals in spirit that she could depict, and this was in terms of anything notable or that they themselves were indicating about their appearance, names or meaningful association memories.

The speech about the spirits who had visited the physical seance from the medium turned into actual direct messages from them to particular members. Conversational exchanges were recorded. If the information and references could be validated by the recipients, subsequent messages followed. Several successful instances of this kind of in-depth evidence gathering were noted.

ORBS or unexplained lights were seen in the room while the physical seance was in process. These small, blue and round lights were each seen for a few seconds and until they disappeared from sight. The Orbs were noted in the seance several times and this was as messages were being given by individuals in spirit via the medium.

The medium referred to a gentleman in spirit, someone believed to be a Leonard Rossiter (21 October 1926 – 5 October 1984) an English actor. He had a long career in the theatre and achieved his greatest fame for his television comedy roles, most notably starring as Rupert Rigsby in the ITV series Rising Damp from 1974 to 1978, and Reginald Perrin in the BBC’s The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin from 1976 to 1979. In the seance, the gentleman wanted to talk about an anniversary for someone important to him and the need for humour. Loving was a vital part of life, he explained as it gave emphasis and enthusiasm for people to live their lives with a solid kind of happiness and smiles on their faces. Finding that exuberance of his running around as a boy again, he said was difficult as he was and is no sportsman, but he has found a sense of passion once more.

SUMMARY of the investigation and seance both contributed to further comprehension of the earlier recording, upon which there was one unexplained NOISE. It was a popping sound that came in between a message based conversation of spirit and sitter via the medium. The noise was distinct and unexplained in relation to anything else that had been going on in the room at that precise time, it was collectively listened to and found to be a point of interest in terms of evidence.