Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 29th September 2020.

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The physical seance was attended by experienced members and medium. Held in a closed room, specific objects had been laid out and seating allowed for full visual appraisal of everything and everybody.

MESSAGES were heard near to the beginning of the seance. After the seance had been officially opened and within the first few minutes, the medium was able to give precise answers and long speeches from individuals in spirit to recipient sitters.

The medium referred to someone thought to be a Jean Mavis Hodgkinson (11 October 1926 – 14 October 2016), known by the stage name Jean Alexander, a British television actress. She was maybe best known to UK television viewers for her long running role of Hilda Ogden in the soap opera Coronation Street, a role she played from 1964 until 1987, and also as Auntie Wainwright in the long-running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine from 1988 to 2010. For her role in Coronation Street, she won the 1985 Royal Television Society Award for Best Performance, and she received a 1988 BAFTA TV Award nomination for Best Actress. The lady in spirit talked about respecting notable comedy acting as she believed that you could well be funny and not able to show it. It took a lot to balance the smile and the laughter, timing was everything. Loving and more relaxed, the lady in spirit spoke about having been able to extend her love of painting.

Personal messages were given from spirits to members via the medium. This form of speech evidence was noted and collectively listened to by the physical seance.

After the seance had closed, SUMMARY of the seance included members being able to discuss what had been deemed as significant evidence for them. It was at this time that personal validations and explanations as for what has been relevant and why, became most pertinent.