Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 22nd September 2020.

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In a closed and arranged room EXPERIENCED MEMBERS and medium collated. The seating had been placed, so as everybody could have each other and the specifically laid out objects, in sight.

Notes were made for the purposes of the investigation. In PARTICULAR, any unexplained claims of experience, pertaining to sight, sound or smell, were of interest to the investigation side of proceedings.

NOISES that were UNEXPLAINED and identified as having come from an unoccupied part of the seance room, started a few minutes after the investigation had been officially opened.

ORBS were noted and depicted as briefly seen round blue lights. Each was seen individually, for a few seconds, and were claimed as moving either across the room or near to sitters. At one moment during the investigation, several Orbs were referred to as having been noted and sighted together.

The medium gave MESSAGES to the sitters, the references to individuals that she could see in spirit, came at different times and with eyes both closed and opened. The specifics about appearances, personality traits and even involved personal messages seemed to come from spirits, addressed to members and via the medium.

Notes were made as speech was noted from spirits and then the medium referenced a gentleman in spirit thought to be a Henry Fielding (22 April 1707 – 8 October 1754) an English novelist and dramatist known for his earthy humour and satire. He is the author of the comic novel Tom Jones. Research after the seance, has shown that he and Samuel Richardson are seen as founders of the traditional English novel. In the seance, the gentleman in spirit spoke about the principles of life that he felt were applicable to most actions and thought. It was important, he said, to know what mattered to the heart and why it did. Family and leisure time, he explained, as being a cause for learning and life appreciation. Laughter was a matter for him that he felt influenced main thoughts and from boyhood, he had felt that an active mind led to an active life. Play and relaxation he focused on as areas of importance, as when one relaxed, the body could be free to let the ideas come to fruition. An anniversary was also mentioned as significant for him as the seance had sat, and afterwards it was during research that a date was found to be important for the same gentleman.

SUMMARY of the physical seance allowed for a review of the collectively experienced events. Validations could be given as for the earlier examples of speech and messages from spirit and only then could it be classed as evidence. Despite investigating the noises and the Orbs, no physical cause of explanation could be found from inside or outside of where the physical seance had been held.