Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 8th September 2020.

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Attendees gathered in a closed but prepared room. Members sat for the investigation into a physical séance in a room that had been set so as to allow for visible seating and all the chosen objects had been placed in full view.

The physical séance was officially opened and the medium started to give specific details about personality traits, personally significant references and appearance of individuals in spirit who wanted to talk to the séance.

At the time of the spirit references and subsequent to the messages, SCENTS which had no physical explanation or cause, were depicted. The UNEXPLAINED scents were noticed and did attract attention from particular members who could recognise them as being important reminders of loved ones known to them.

Detailed MESSAGES could be VALIDATED by the SITTERS and simultaneous conversations occurred whereby several spirits could all speak to different members of the séance.

EXPERIENCES were only classed as EVIDENCE if full validations of the information could be given.

Comedy was discussed as a brought up, significantly associated subject to that of an individual in spirit, as was a gentleman and information thought to be relevant for a Warren Mitchell (born Warren Misell; 14 January 1926 – 14 November 2015) an English actor. Research done after the séance has shown that he was a BAFTA TV Award winner and a twice a Laurence Olivier Award winner. In the séance the man was keen to talk about his ability to sleep being much enhanced as this had been a constant problem for him in life. He mentioned an important, meaningful anniversary. Childhood seen comedy sketches had inspired him, he told the séance, to go on to audition for roles in his later years and he was pleased that his pursuit had made many people laugh. A gardener at heart, this same gentleman in spirit talked about having made his horticultural ambitions a reality and that he now had an extensive knowledge of flowers.

SUMMARY of the physical séance led to an opportunity for members to talk about their earlier experiences further. It was felt that both the information in the messages and the physical activity received had been pertinent for the recipients. Collectively, it was agreed that the séance had been an enjoyable time, where a light and fun atmosphere had allowed for conversational style messages and memories to unfold.