Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 25th March 2014.

The physical circle in nature throughout history has been one arena in which investigating spirit presence has an ability to provide most intriguing evidence.  It is the séance in which mediums will focus on a material form of evidence.

In our last investigation the members were observed as they took their seats and objects were placed in the same layout as everyone had agreed would be most suitable and would provide the ease of any spirit manipulation.

In the interest of the theories about spiritual energies moving objects there are suggestions that if the given things are put at a distance from one another and are marked out according to how they have been placed or recorded at the beginning of the séance then any movement during the investigation would be spirit base.

The members were all happy to begin and so as the lights were lowered and the opening words said everyone grew quiet and observed as one medium took up the connection to any spirit who were claimed to be there and by focusing on physical the members waited..

At first nothing took place and every part of the circle looked as it should, all members were either observing the events in the room and certain individuals were in trance.  It was about half the hour or so in to the séance that one interesting event started to take shape and with one of the members who was sitting nearest the side closest to the door claiming that something was happening as she felt as if her hand was being held.

The medium who had talked with spirit earlier then put certain questions to the sitter who had the experience and with her once again having the same feeling, several of the sitters also noticed that the area in which the person was sat had grown darker than the rest of the room.

It was interesting as the darker part of the room was significantly different to the rest of the séance and as the sitter in that place of observation was experiencing a physical this was something all felt needed to be investigated.

In the interest of an analysis on what had taken place, two of the mediums walked over to the spot and started to examine how the lighting had looked so different.  There was no reason in terms of the light in the séance as that should have been evenly placed without causing any focus on any part of the room.  The sitters then walked round the seat upon which the member was sat and it was then one of the investigating members claimed she also felt as if someone had tapped her on the hand.

With two reports of activity in that same spot, there was a debate between those who were sat and it was decided that following the circle with the light on the room would have to be checked and any possible reason for what had taken place looked at further.

The sitting was then followed up with several sounds from that same part of the room, the tapping on the walls and cracking was verified by everyone as coming from that one area.

With physical activity occurring so often with the sitting’s closing thanks, everyone got up to look at what had been the active spot and the only proof to be found was a piece of what looked to be plastic.  It was a strip of plastic and there was a little amount of intrigue from the mediums as to how it could have gotten there.  No one could have put it there even without knowing as before the physical sitting all are checked and the bottom of each foot closely looked at so that nothing may be not knowingly left on the bottom of a foot and tracked inside from someone entering the sitting.  Due to the analytical nature in an investigation everything is properly looked at and then again when the investigation is closed.  There was no way that anyone could have caused the object which was found and as it was detected close to the spot where so significant an amount of activity had been noticed, there was a somewhat valid argument for it to be linked to what had happened in those two hours.