Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 25th August 2020.

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In a closed and prepared room, seating had been arranged so as everybody could sit facing each other and there was excellent visibility of all the objects which had been set out on a central table.

Experienced members and medium collated, took to their seats and it was at that precise moment that the séance was opened.

There was a DIVERSE range in varying ages, relationship status and objectives for speaking to the physical séance. What appeared to have a significance for the investigation part of the proceedings was the level of description that accompanied each of the individuals in spirit who spoke and made an approach.

In QUICK SUCCESSION the messages came and this was while the medium was in a closed eye trance.

Later, with eyes open it was that the medium referred to the séance and did so with a combination of memory links, depictions of personally known references and imagery. On each occasion, recipients could validate the information.

The medium talked about a lady in spirit and from the details given, it is believed that the person referred to is a Yootha Joyce Needham (20 August 1927 – 24 August 1980), known as Yootha Joyce, a British actress best known for playing Mildred Roper opposite Brian Murphy in both the sitcom Man About the House and its spin-off George and Mildred. In the séance the lady spoke of the importance in family and how acting had been more than a job for her, she associated her work with a sense of socialising, grounding and purpose. Having known her preferred diets in life, she stated that they always stuck with her. Laughter, was something else that she spoke about and she elaborated on the fact that she laughed a lot with those who knew her well.

SUMMARY of the physical séance was blended with investigation focus on not only what was seen and heard, but why it had been experienced. The vocal interpretation of earlier messages was an important aspect of the investigation. Sitters subsequently could give further analysis on what had been relevant and how they could validate the information that had been given to them as evidence. In many examples, the instances of messages from individuals in spirit had brought about an undoubtable recognition for the sitters in who was speaking to them and then later, why they had given them that message. Being able to associate with the relevance and features of the messages was the main reason as for the sitters feeling that they had received evidence from individuals known to them.