Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 11th August 2020.

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OBJECTIVITY is a crucial part of any investigation. In this physical séance a great deal of care and level of attention was applied to how and when the investigation sat.

In a closed and object arranged room, experienced members and medium, sat fully visible to each other for the duration of the sitting.

IMAGERY seemed to be a significant focus of the investigation.

The medium gave precise VISUAL DEPICTIONS of individuals in spirit and this was while she was in a TRANCE state. It was with closed eyes that the medium talked of not only personality and appearance references for individuals in spirit but then she focused on images of memories, actions and events, as reminders of moments shared.

MESSAGES were VALIDATED by the sitters who received them.

The medium later spoke of a female in spirit, someone who from information is believed to be an Irene Mary Wetton (26 July 1936 – 10 November 1998), perhaps better known by her stage name Mary Millar, an English actress and singer best remembered for her role as the second actress to play Rose in the highly successful BBC sitcom called Keeping Up Appearances which ran often between 1991 and 1995. In the physical séance horses were seen in imagery of things important to the lady in spirit, injections were something she talked of not liking and she explained that she was pleased she had left ill health behind her. Having a positive attitude, she expressed as imperative because there were times when you had to grab on to what you wanted and aim, aim, aim!

SUMMARY of the investigation from the collective members led to discussion about what had earlier been features and claims of spirit evidence. Proof of spirits in their spoken of lives and attributes to personal information could be verified by recipients of the detailed messages. They talked of the how and why these conversations mattered to them. Research done after the investigation provided validations on earlier spoken of details and spirit evidence.