Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 4th August 2020.

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Preparations were made for the investigation in the form of fully visible seating arrangements and a long, centrally laid table with carefully chosen objects on top.

NOISES were collectively heard by the séance and this was by way of several unexplained knocking and tapping sounds.

MESSAGES came into the investigation from individuals in spirit to recipient sitters via the medium. The medium both closed and opened her eyes as she spoke to the members and gave specific appearance, personality traits and then if the descriptions were validated, following detailed messages were attributed to and for them.

A gentleman in spirit was seen by the medium. First, his facial features were described in detail and then comedy references came in about him. The gentleman is believed to be a Ronald William George BarkerOBE (25 September 1929 – 3 October 2005) an English comedian, actor and writer. He was known for roles in British comedy television series such as Porridge, in The Two Ronnies, and Open All Hours. In the séance an anniversary was mentioned for him and he spoke about the need for exact preparations, if a good result was wanted. Scripts were shown by him and he talked about having been well looked after and loved. Grandchildren were looked in often by him he told the investigation.

SUMMARY of the seance’s experiences and events led to further elaboration and discussion about what had been noted. Members raised several validations that they had received and felt were extremely relevant evidence for them. It was useful to understand why this was claimed and how it was felt to be important on a personal level.