Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 18th March 2014.

The last sitting was one all found intriguing because both evidence was viewed by all who attended and the amount of activity was vast.

The first few seconds of the séance had a lot occurring in noises and taps which could be heard all around the people who were investigating possible spirit presence and particular was the places where the taps were coming from and the timing in when they were noted.

Each time one of the sitters would start to converse so too the tap noises came right from behind them.  It was noticed the first time and then when it happened each moment following that the activity was investigated further and it happened for all the members.

The noise in themselves were as if someone was lightly moving something on the walls.

It was at this point a full outline of a person was sighted.  The man or what looked as if he had the height of a man was completely shown up from his features to his feet.  What was noticed by all the sitters was that it was so much a view point if one was looking away from where the apparition was but out of the side of each line sighting was the full person but when you looked at the man face on it was more difficult to depict him.

Materialisations are when a spirit person is able to show their appearance to a circle.  This appearance may be part or full and could be visible through a séance or any investigation where there are mediums of a physical nature present.  What was intriguing about the materialisation of the circle was the way all who were investigating saw it at the same time.  The individual perspective on a materialisation is subjective due to the many factors which might be detected.  Spirit or evidence of sightings of spirit do provide evidence of presence.

One of the first noticeable means of sighting the apparition was the light which was noticed by one half of the room.  The people who were sitting on that side all started to point to where they claimed they could spot a lot of light.  On looking everyone who was investigating also picked up a line of light in one point of the sitting but it became easier to look at as time went on because it started to look less white and more evenly placed so that it took up a lot of one side and after a few seconds those who were sitting side on saw him.

The activity was noticed by all were sitting but those who were side on could accurately claim sighting a person with all features around his outline but could not say anything further as his facial features were not visible.  After a few minutes the other side of the room detected the same outline of someone standing looking in on the investigation.  It was something that everyone aimed to find out more on and while it was evidence proven as all there could state sighting it, there were several mediums who said it would be much easier if spirit might do something which would validate what was being noted by everyone and it was a few seconds after that the light for the room went off and on.  The following action was classed as verifying evidence.  Several of the objects which had been placed in the sitting also moved up and down but it was something which once again not only was evidence of something occurring but it was an incident all who were there could view at the same moment.  The objective level of sighting by all was a significant part of the sitting and it warranted a reference to just how breath taking it was.